Cardi B comes to defense of Will Smith amid romance rumors and criticizes Tasha K

Cardi B has stepped forward to support Will Smith amid rumors of her alleged relationship with Duane Martin, a claim Smith vehemently denies. During an Instagram Live session on Wednesday night, the rapper addressed the situation. While he didn’t delve into the truth behind the accusation or his personal thoughts on the matter, Cardi simply stated that Will presents no issues and doesn’t deserve such scrutiny.

Referencing Smith’s zodiac sign (Libra), Cardi shared her belief that Libras, including herself, are often tested by others until they reach their breaking point, a possible allusion to Smith’s infamous incident in the Oscar.

Expressing her perspective, Cardi highlighted the injustice of pushing people to their limits and then judging them when they react. She criticized the ease with which people on major platforms can make unfounded claims about others, regardless of whether they are true, which then attract widespread attention.

In her critique, Cardi specifically targeted Tasha K, who previously faced a successful defamation lawsuit from Cardi B that resulted in a judgment of approximately $3.4 million. While Cardi previously hinted at a lenient approach to payment, his recent statements suggest a change of direction, implying that some people never change their ways.

Will Smith WISHES this interview NEVER happened! This is one of the people closest to Will, other than Jada, to sit down and tell everything about him. Since he met Jada, Tupac, Will’s sexuality and the size of his manhood, he KNOWS IT and TELLS EVERYTHING!! ️@bopulento

You can watch this FULL interview…

-Tasha K | UNWINEWITHASHAK (@unwinewithtasha) November 14, 2023

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She condemned Tasha for allowing an alleged former friend/assistant of Will Smith to make outrageous accusations on her podcast, and stressed that such behavior must stop immediately.

Tasha K has faced repeated legal problems, including a recent lawsuit from R. Kelly. With Jada announcing an upcoming lawsuit, Cardi appears set to pursue the money Tasha owes her, signaling a more assertive stance than before.

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