Brittany Mahomes says her 2-year-old daughter ‘really enjoys’ watching dad on the field

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are getting both of their kids involved in football, and their oldest is becoming a real fan.

The couple shares a daughter, Sterling, 2, and a son, Patrick “Bronze,” 14 months. And fans are used to seeing them watch Patrick’s games from the sidelines with Brittany.

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Brittany shared that arguing with her kids during games is easy right now because they are “so attached” to her. They rarely leave her side, so she doesn’t mind bringing them into the field. Therefore, she enjoys the experience while she can.

“I have my eyes on them all the time during the games,” he said. “But it’s very special to have them there to support their dad.”

Brittany Mahomes says her daughter is blossoming

While Bronze is still too young to appreciate the games, Sterling is beginning to understand his father’s place on the field.

“My oldest daughter can finally realize what’s going on and where she is,” Brittany continued. “And she loves watching her dad play soccer. “She can see him from a mile away, she pays attention and stays aware of what’s happening to him.”

The 28-year-old said Sterling “really enjoys” being on the field and also seeing her father before games.

“I think it’s a very special moment when I can take them to the game and they can watch their dad play soccer,” he added.

Brittany Mahomes noted that Sterling’s interactions on the field are just part of the kid’s recent progress. The little girl is reaching milestones and gaining ground, and her mother is thrilled to see her “bloom.”

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“My daughter is coming into her own,” he gushed. “So she’s able to communicate a lot more things than she did in the past, like how she feels about herself. “Seeing her become a little girl who can express her emotions, that kind of thing has been the cutest thing in the world.”

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