Bridgerton: 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) Actors In The Cast

Shondaland, a popular British TV series during the Regent period, Bridgerton, has taken fans around the world by storm and has become one of the most watched shows and has the highest viewership ratings in recent months. This Austen period drama is an all-time fan favorite about adorable young girls competing with each other to find a groom.

Audiences curious about the cast might want to know some interesting facts about the Bridgerton series, such as who is taller than the others and who overcame his small stature to deliver powerful performances. motion.

the tallest actor in the bridgeton cast

Bessie Carter, 5 ft.10

One of Featherington’s daughters, Prudence is one of Penelope’s two goofy younger sisters. She and her sister Philippa are constantly on the lookout for suitors, at the urging of their domineering mother.

Bessie Carter, who plays Prudence, despite her personality, is actually one of the tallest in the cast. At 5 feet 10, Carter had to rise above other female actors on set, and even some male actors.

Luke Thomson, 5 ft.11

Benedict Bridgerton smiles for the camera in Bridgerton

Another of Bridgerton’s brothers, Benedict, is played by handsome actor Luke Thomson. Benedict might be one of the few queer characters in the movie Bridgerton – certainly hinted at in season 1 – he’s poised to play a bigger role over the next few seasons.

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Benedict is also the only artistically minded member of the Bridgeton family, with whom he seems to have the closest friendships in addition to his intellectual inclinations. Thomson is very tall, 5 feet 11 inches.

René-Jean Page, 5 ft.11

Simone Bassett Bridgerton, Duke of Hastings

Although there are many sad stories about Simon Basset BridgertonFans are still obsessed with him and may want to know that Rene-Jean Page is 5’11”, just 6′ short.

If rumors are to be believed, Duke Hastings may no longer be at the heart of the series’ second season plot, but it is hoped he can still continue to forge an impressive profile.

Luke Newton 6 feet.

Colin stood in front of the Featherington house in Bridgetown.

Daphne’s brother, Colin, is the third of the Bridgerton siblings, played by British actor Luke Newton. Colin is currently traveling the world as he is deeply disappointed that his romance with Marina Thomson failed before it even started.

At 6 feet tall, the actor is one of the tallest in the cast, taller than Page, and of course Bailey, who plays his brother Anthony.

Martin Imhangbe, 6ft. 3

Will Mondrich holding a glass bottle in Bridgetown

Mondrich, Simon Basset’s friend and confidant, is played by burly actor Martin Imhangbe. Mondridge is a boxer who seems to be in trouble; the first season saw him reluctantly fight for the unscrupulous Lord Featherington for money.

Imhangbe is probably the tallest actor on the set, a few inches taller than Page at 6ft 3in.

shortest actor in the cast of bridgeton

Buck rubies, 5 ft. 6

Marina looks shocked in Bridgetown.

Life may be tough for the beautiful Marina Thompson in this lavish historical drama, but it is hoped that she will eventually find happiness with her lover’s brother, Phillip.

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Either way, Marina raised the fire a few notches for a while, leaving Daphne and the Duke robbed of their money. The actor is not particularly short, but he is still shorter than many people at 1m56.

Phoebe Dynevor, 5 ft. 5

Daphne Bridgerton stood out in a blue off-the-shoulder dress.

There are so many reasons why Daphne and Simon are proving to be soulmates Bridgertonespecially as Daphne shows her docile side at first, but she eventually proves to be alive and fully capable of making her own decisions without her brother or husband making decisions for her. she.

Petite Phoebe Dynevor is about 5ft 5in tall, making her one of the shortest actors on the set.

Adjoa Andoh, 5’4″

Lady Danbury stared at the Duke of Hastings

The matriarch, Mrs. Danbury, is not a passerby. For all intents and purposes, she was like the young Duke’s mother, providing him with love and home when his father didn’t want him.

Despite his scary role, actor Adjoa Andoh is quite small at only 1.5m, although one would not know it at first glance.

Sabrina Bartlett, 5 ft.2

Close-up of smiling Siena Rosso in Bridgetown

Sabrina Bartlett plays the wild Lord Bridgerton’s playful secret, though she’s no secret after all. Sienna Rosso, a badass (but redeemable) Anthony prank opera singer, is the often confused victim of the moody but perhaps well-meaning young man in the end.

Bartlett, like Coughlan, is petite, though her soprano and energetic nature of the role put her on par with actors with larger gait. Bartlett’s pairing with Jonathan Bailey is neither too tall nor cute enough, whether it lasts on the show or not.

Nicola Coughlan, 5 ft.

Bridgerton Nicola Coughlan Penelope Featherington Yellow dress

Penelope Featherington may have a big secret – after all, she’s revealed to be Lady Whistledown – but Nicola Coughlan is 5 feet tall, he’s the shortest actor.

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Coughlan’s short stature may have been an advantage for her character, as Penelope is not one to be taken seriously, which at first glance is the result of society’s deep-seated prejudices against men. and tall women, but certainly more than the larger ones. Most other roles are more intelligent and academic.

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