Breel Embolo Religion & Ethnicity: Is He Christian? Wiki & Family

Breel Embolo is a Swiss professional soccer player from Cameroon. He is a forward of the famous Ligue 1 club Monaco, as well as a member of the Swiss national team. He started his playing career in 2006 in the youth club Nordstern. In March 2015, he made his debut for the senior national team. His career has been fantastic so far. The Cameroon-born athlete has represented Switzerland at numerous international sporting events, including UEFA Euro 2016, UEFA Euro 2020, FIFA World Cup 2018 and FIFA World Cup 2022. Due to his prominence, his followers around the world want to know more about his personal life, including his religion, ethnicity, family members and love life. so here’s what we know so far.

Is Swiss striker Breel Embolo a Christian?

Breel Embolo is said to believe in Christianity. The striker was born in Yaounde, Cameroon to Germaine Embolo and Moise Kegni. He is of West African nationality. In the late 1990s, Breel Embolo’s parents got married and started a family. However, their marriage did not last forever and they divorced in the early 2000s. He was only five years old then. Breel’s mother decided to go to France with him and his sister when he was five to start her life over. If his mother had not met her new boyfriend in France, the footballer would never have played for the Swiss national team. Breel and his brother traveled to Basel, Switzerland the following year with his mother and the man who would become his stepfather.

The athlete revealed his ambition at a young age and told his mother that he wanted to dedicate his whole life to football. He, on the other hand, had no desire to play for professional clubs. Because of this, he arrived at the football school late, in 2006. He was the smallest member of the team. Most of the senior team members were older than him. He was never alone, because of his closest friend. He met a kid who would become his closest friend at the beginning of his career. Since then, he has never walked alone.

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Who is Breel Embolo’s wife? Do they have children?

Breel Embolo is not married but he has a lovely girlfriend named Naomi. The couple has been together for many years and their relationship is still going strong. Breel Embolo and his fiancee have a daughter, Naliya, who was born in June 2018. The Embolos also have an adorable son. The athlete is often seen on the beach with his wife and child. He is a loving family man who never misses an opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Breel Embolo

Net worth of Breel Embolo

Considering that the player has been a professional athlete for almost a decade, he must have collected a hefty income. Breel Embolo has agreed to a four-year contract extension with Monaco in July 2022. The July 2022 transfer fee paid to his former club Mönchengladbach is expected to be in excess of €12 million. Breel Embolo’s total career earnings are 25.14 million euros, according to Capology. For the 2021-22 season, the footballer’s annual salary is 4.2 million euros.

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