Blue Lock’s Anime Announces Part 2 Return Date

Warning: This contains SPOILERS for Blue Lock Season OneAfter a short holiday hiatus, the second part of the hit anime Blue Lock‘s first season will premiere this month. Judging from the popularity the series has garnered since its debut so far, the second part is primed to be even more successful.

According to the official Blue Lock website, the new season is set to premiere on Saturday, January 7, 2023. The last time fans saw the series, Yoichi, having joined the Blue Lock Project, has steadily improved from being ranked No. 299. But whereas his improvement was brought in part by the help of his teammates, his next challenge pits him against AI-generated foes he must beat on his own. This requires him to not only improve his tactical thinking, but also upgrade his physical abilities. While success has proven to be bo easy task, as the season ended, viewers learned that not only has Yoichi succeeded in the challenge, but in doing so has risen to the rank of No. 15.

Based on Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura’s original Blue Lock manga, Tetsuaki Watanabe’s anime premiered in October 2022, and it quickly became one of the most popular anime of Fall. Blue Lock tweaks the traditional “coming of age” sports anime storyline by imbuing it with super attributes. Players aren’t depicted as just boys playing soccer but rather as elite humans with God-Level skill sets. The characters are portrayed as if they are superheroes. At once, the anime attracts sports anime fans, superhero anime fans, and fans simply looking for good anime.

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What To Expect From Blue Lock’s Second Part

While there is no word yet of what the new season will cover, fans of the manga know that despite his rise in skill and status, living in Blue Lock’s brutal sports system doesn’t get any easier for Yoichi. The next series will explore Yoichi, Bachira, and Nagi challenge to take on Rin Itoshi’s team to see who can win and pick up another player as they progress toward the next stage. In this, Yoichi will face his toughest challenge yet as Rin’s team currently rank as the current top three participants in the Blue Lock Project. Rin, in particular, poses a massive challenge to Yoichi’s quest to be the best as his singular focus to surpass his brother intensifies his already dominant skills.

The new season should be even more action-packed than the first. In addition to the continuing story of Yoichi’s development, there should also be a deeper dive into the trials and tribulations of other players including Rin, Bachina, Nagi, Aoshi, and Aryu. As the project continues to cull the best from the rest, it’s likely that viewers will see and read about the better ones. The second part of Blue Lock will also get a new anime opening theme song by the musical group ASH DA HERO, entitled “Judgment”.

Look for Part 2 of Blue Lock when it premiers on January 7th!

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