How The MCU Can Fix The Illuminati Where Multiverse of Madness Failed

Avengers: Secret War have the opportunity to introduce a Doctor Strange in the Mad MultiverseA secret committee of Marvel’s smartest characters made their live-action debut as part of Earth-838, but received mixed reactions upon launch. Thankfully, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to reveal a major version of Earth’s Illuminati 616, although such an event seems possible before the end of the multiverse. In reality, secret war Give Marvel the best way to create a working Illuminati that can last for years.

The Illuminati’s return to the MCU is inevitable, especially considering the immense importance the team has played in some of the recent comic book events. This group of superhuman geniuses was originally created by Tony Stark in the Marvel comics as a way of preparing for disaster in hopes of saving countless lives. While the group has more or less lived up to that vision, the group has certainly been active in the comics since its inception. Marvel’s Illuminati has participated in almost every major comic book event since its inception, including world war hulk And secret invasionmaking them one of the most important superhero teams of all time and absolutely essential to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why the light of the crazy multiverse doesn’t work

Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse Introduce a group of Illuminati that are not working in the MCU. Includes Earth-838 variants: Reed Richards (John Krasinski), Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Monica Rambo (Lashana Lynch), Blakegar Portagan (Anson Mount), Lord Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Professor Charles Xavier ( Patrick) Stewart), the Illuminati have failed in one of their goals: to protect their universe from otherworldly threats. In a split second, the entire team, minus Mordo, is killed by the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), proving that they can never succeed in protecting Earth-838 from larger cosmic threats like Conqueror Conqueror. or further.

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The heroes of Earth-838 suffered from arrogance and mistrust, leading to a swift and painful demise for the Illuminati. The Super Team clearly overestimated their abilities, ignoring Doctor Strange’s warnings about the Scarlet Witch until it was too late to stop her. Furthermore, the party remained shamelessly indifferent to each other, and when Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) of Earth-838 used the Book of Shadows to defeat Thanos, they didn’t hesitate to kill him. Distrusting their comrades and failing to heed the dire warnings, the Illuminati of Earth-838 died horrible deaths they could have easily avoided had they not been so arrogant. grand.

To be fair, the Illuminati of Earth-838, even though they multiverse madnessNo world is strong enough to defeat Kang and his mutants, even if their heroes overcome the flaws that led to the downfall of the Illuminati. Kang has conquered reality for years, no matter how many heroes try to stop him. If there’s a chance of defeating Kang, it won’t be thanks to the world of heroes, even if they include an Illuminati better than Earth-838.

The MCU needs to assemble a suitable multiverse Illuminati

Doctor Strange 2 Makes the Illuminati Worse Than The Avengers

A better Illuminati would include heroes from across the universe. While Marvel has hinted at bringing in the Earth-616’s Illuminati in the near future, their power won’t be enough to stop Kang the Conqueror and his mutants from taking over the multiverse. Instead, Doctor Strange would be better off learning from the failures of those on Earth-838 and establishing an Illuminati not confined to a single world. The MCU’s next Illuminati will include a large number of variations from multiple worlds, spanning the multiverse. With the specific aim of conquering enemies that threaten the fabric of reality, the Multiverse Illuminati can succeed where isolated groups fail.

While the founding of a new multiverse Illuminati is indeed the best chance of defeating Kang, it can also exist outside of the multiverse to counter other threats that may arise in the universe. future. So far, the multiverse has been a dangerous and unforgiving place, with entire worlds dying from invasions. However, the creation of a governing body of like-minded individuals eager to protect innocent lives could eventually bring peace to the multiverse, end the apocalyptic invasion and divide the world. between realities without fear or distrust of Knowledge. All universes will be better thanks to the new rules of the multiverse Illuminati.

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How the Multiverse Illuminati Shaped the Future of the MCU

Doctor Strange Illuminati Phase 4 Multiverse Chaos

The multiverse Illuminati will have some unique ways to shape the future of the MCU secret war. Its most important purpose is to keep multiverse travel to a minimum, with the exception of their own encounters. As fewer visitors jump between dimensions, the risk of creating an invasion or other multiverse anomaly is greatly reduced, creating a safer environment for each reality. It will also quell real-world concerns that the MCU will become too dependent on the multiverse in the future, reducing the impact of major events or death on the franchise. Given the major limitations imposed by the Illuminati, the use of the multiverse can be limited without completely destroying it.

Additionally, the Multiverse Illuminati could allow many iconic pre-MCU characters to appear in future projects without worrying about overshadowing new versions of the characters. Brands like Sam Raimi have Spiderman The Trilogy and by Andrew Garfield ultimate Spiderman Movies have become the standard of the MCU in the Multiverse Saga. follow, deadpool 3 plans to do the same for Fox’s x Men universe. However, these franchises certainly won’t receive much attention outside the confines of the Multiverse Saga, especially the X-Men, who will soon be rebooting in the MCU. Even so, select favorites may continue to appear in limited numbers as members of the multiverse Illuminati.

Who will appear in the new Illuminati of the MCU?

Marvel Comics image of Illuminati sitting around the table

from secret war Having become the norm for non-MCU franchises, the film also has the opportunity to establish a multiverse Illuminati faction made up of characters from Marvel’s cinematic history. The organization’s governing body will certainly include someone from Earth-616, in addition to many non-MCU characters. Given Doctor Strange’s travels in the multiverse and other Illuminati groups, it’s easy for him to join this group. Other potential contenders include submarine sailor Namor (Tenoch Huerta), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and upcoming MCU actor Reed Richards (Reed Richards) who are sure to make an appearance. in the series. An essential part of any future Illuminati lineup.

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Other non-MCU characters in the multiverse could be included in the ranks of the multiverse Illuminati. Marvel Studios is able to make the most of these characters, drawing compelling cameos from the company’s rich cinematic history without signing long-term contracts with returning actors. Favorites like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Wesley Snipes’ Blade and Hugh Jackman’s Werewolf are all likely to fill those roles. Alternatively, variations of dead MCU heroes, such as Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow or Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, could fulfill a long-standing desire to see their characters return without any problems. no need for Demian by resurrecting them from the dead.

Ultimately, the multiverse Illuminati will need a leader, most likely a Nexus, to survive. Scarlet Witch is the perfect but perhaps unexpected choice. Wanda’s Vision It’s revealed that the Scarlet Witch’s fate is tied to the multiverse – rule it or destroy it. The story of the Multiverse could fulfill this prophecy by making Wanda Maximoff the leader of the new Illuminati, and thus the de facto ruler of the multiverse itself. After learning about the dangers of cross-dimensional travel multiverse madnessWanda is expected to rule the multiverse Illuminati with wisdom and candor, ending Avengers: Secret War Be a hero again.

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