Black Clover Just Ruined One of Its Best Moments

Warning: Spoiler for Chapter 345 of Black Clover, one of Asta’s best moments black clover The truth is completely ruined because this is essentially the same thing that happened not so long ago.

At the beginning of the war between the Clover Kingdom and the Sped Kingdom, black clover subvert a key metaphor Dragon ball It’s common when a strong hero is humanity’s best chance to defeat the villains, but somehow prevents them from fighting them – usually through practice. The purpose of separating them is usually to increase suspense, perpetuate conflict, and prolong the suffering of the hero’s weaker friend. This finally happened to Ashtar black clover Chapter 281 Compared to anything any hero has ever done in this situation except Asta.

Now in Chapter 345 black clover With Yūki Tabata, the same thing happened again. While most powerful groups of mages known as the “Dragon Zen Seven” had to fight not only the manipulated Sister Lily but also her knights and a god dragon, Ashtar continued to fight with Dragon Zen The leader of the Seven trains together to master the Zetten technology Hino coveted. black clover.

Ashtar’s training black clover Play directly on the tired metaphor

In Chapter 345 of

Until chapter 281, the reader has been tricked into thinking black clover Just dive into a common metaphor. While this has technically happened, Tabata has caused Asta to take an unexpected detour. Astar is training specifically to defeat the Dark Triad, but he doesn’t rush into them like most heroes, black cloverAshtar helped his allies battle other foes for 15 chapters, until he finally rejoined the fight against Dante, the demon host of the Dark Triad, before stopping. black clover Demon Lord Lucifero avoids fully appearing in their world by destroying his vessel. Now, starting from Chapter 345, black clover Not only does it repeat recent episodes, but it also succumbs to the ridiculous antics that the comics have subverted. For Tabata to succeed now, he needs to go above and beyond. But based on his previous subversive effects, that’s unlikely, leaving fans uncomfortable waiting for the already-delayed next chapters.

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Of course, fans are far more invested in Asta joining the fight now than when he was training to defeat the Dark Trio. As fascinating as they and their demons were and are, Astar’s current training prevents him from fighting the love of his life. black cloverSister Lily, who has recently been manipulated by the spirit, turns into a villain. The consequences of this confrontation are more severe and richer than any other in the history of the series. It would be great if Tabata chose to stop Asta from fighting otherwise rather than completing her training. expect, black clover will again fool readers and do something unexpected and interesting.

black clover Available to read on!

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