Bakso Simulator MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Speed Hack) 1.7.1

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menu mode

  1. increase money
  2. Item cost 0
  3. speed hack

Maybe the butcher is not as boring as we think in Bakso Simulator. This seems like a very interesting job, with many possible scenarios. The most important thing is that we can maintain this work continuously. Keep everyone happy and cook the best food. Protect your truck from dangerous intruders lurking around. It’s going to be a tough road like we’ve never seen before. Feel the suffering of a butcher on the street.

In Indonesia, selling meatballs has become a household name in street food. Now it is also included in Bakso Simulator and distributed to everyone. Frequent occurrences are included so that everyone can feel them. Only hard work and diligence can get it all. Discover what only this job can describe. That way, we also show more empathy for what they did. If you are in this type of business now, you can improve your skills.

Download Bakso Simulator Mod – Meatball business

You are a master chef with the ability to make premium meatballs that no one else can do. So get ready to make your dream come true by driving an electric car on the street and start a business. The hardest part is that you have to keep selling. Serve your guests their most awaited meal for money. Don’t forget, there will always be people out there looking to sabotage your business. So pay attention to details and be prepared for any eventuality. Don’t let other haters blatantly steal your efforts. You will be the one to make your business solid.

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business expansion

Even if it’s just a small vending machine, you still have huge growth potential. After a period of sales, we can make a lot of money. From there, you can buy more tables for guests to sit and enjoy. It is also possible to create new dishes to add to your menu. More customers will come and many opportunities will open up for you. However, this is also a favorable opportunity for spoilers to prepare for the plot. Do your best to protect trucks and maintain customer service speed. You feel like this is the right thing to do to make things work.

Bakso Simulator mod for free

prevent fraud

Those who want to sabotage you are definitely something we can’t avoid. The most typical is the robbers, they are rampant everywhere. If you catch them trying to sneak out, you can chase them away. Don’t let them get too close; Grab your cart and get it shipped fast. It can be very difficult to get your cart back if you are too careless about what you need. Alternatively, we can call the police and ask them to give chase. There will be a lot of problems to be solved, and you need to make the most of them. Become the invincible and perform extraordinary, unbelievable feats.

Bakso Emulator Apk

buy new stuff

New projects will bring you more important business. Buy what you can afford to upgrade the quality of the cart, from sauce jars, food racks and a few other valuable items. There are many more modern strollers for you to choose from. These all help customers feel more excited and come to buy what you did in Bakso Simulator mod.

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Download Bakso Simulator MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Money/Speed ​​Hack)

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