Bachelor In Paradise’s James Bonsall Has A New Girlfriend

James Bonsol may have been unlucky in love during his tenure Bachelor in Heaven And single bachelorbut he announced that he has a new girlfriend named Rebecca.James, 32 years old, from San Diego, already has a girlfriend bachelor National team kick off Katie Thurston’s season single bachelor 2021. Later that year, he Heaven But it ended up becoming more of a brotherly relationship than a romantic one with his best friend Aaron Clancy.period Bachelor in Heaven In season 8, he got into a fight with Shanae Ankney, but was disappointed when she chose Logan Palmer over him at the rose ceremony. Fans have been expecting James to find love since they first learned of his sweet and caring personality during Katy’s season.

In an Instagram post, James revealed he has a new girlfriend named Rebecca. James wrote this in honor of Rebecca’s birthday and shared a photo of him kissing his new love on the lips while traveling. he shared, “Happy birthday @rebeccamarriee. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I’m truly blessed to share this special day with you and more.” James went on to praise Rebecca that, “You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer.” He ended his Instagram post with these three little words: “I love you

Bachelor Nation’s Aaron Clancy Endorses James Bonsall’s Relationship

in the comment section Bachelor in Heaven The star’s Instagram post to which James’s girlfriend replied, “Thank you for the best birthday and the most amazing trip I love imaginable. You really spoiled me. Thank you even more for everything you do for me every day. I love you.” James also received endorsement from Aaron, who wrote: “The power couple is completely chopped up full of nectar.” “floral honey” is the word Aaron uses when he really likes something.James gets his blessing too. Bachelor in Heaven Season 8 stars Michael Arrio, Romeo Alexander, and Kathy Woods.

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in a world full of drama bachelor In the national team, James has always been one of the quiet and sweet players. He’s definitely shyer and gentler than his best friend Aaron. He is not as aggressive as many others, especially those who appear with him in Bachelor in Heaven. James often finds that his relationships are strong at first, but then fail. Fans have watched James struggle to find love for several years and they have supported him in finding what he wants. He seems to have done it with Rebecca.

since james filmed Bachelor in Heaven In season 8 last summer, his relationship with Rebecca was relatively new. He shows his love very openly which shows how much he cares for her and how proud he is to be her boyfriend. Her public reaction to these feelings is a great sign. Bachelor in Heaven Fans wish James and Rebecca the best of luck as their new relationship progresses.

Source: James Bonsall/Instagram

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