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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Parnell opens up about Archer’s future, confirming season 14 of FX’s adult animated sitcom is currently in production.

According to Cyril Figgis voice actor Chris Parnell, shooting game Season 14 is currently in production, but no innovation has been publicly announced. Adam Reed’s best-selling adult animated sitcom premiered in 2009, starring H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Judy Greer, Lucky Yates, Reed, and Parnell. shooting game Follow the misadventures of Benjamin’s Sterling Archer, a narcissistic and dysfunctional agent in New York’s intelligence agency for his mother Mallory (the late Jessica Walter), who falls in love with her co-workers. having a similar disability, he conducts various activities around the world.

In an exclusive interview with rant screenParnell opened about shooting game After season 13 ended in October 2022, it briefly discussed how the series has changed since Walt’s death, while also sharing a surprising update on the future of the series. programme. Although FXX has not commented publicly on the potential shooting game As for season 14, it looks like the series has really been renewed. Check out Parnell’s full response below:

“I think you know well about the big change that happened in season 13, without Mallory and sadly without Jessica. But yeah, I think we’re going to do a lot more espionage, but we just just started filming Season 14, so it remains to be seen what else happens.”

Everything we know about The Archer Season 14

Archer and Lana complete the quest with the giant diamond

shooting game Season 13 saw the series go through many changes, as the agency was acquired by the IIA (International Intelligence Agency) after Mallory’s death. So while Archer and his colleagues continue their mission, the team also struggles with their new leadership, members of a larger spy agency team led by Fabian Kingsworth (Kayvan Novak). leader. Part of addressing leaders’ issues includes the selection of new agencies and the IIA’s intrusive oversight of employees. However, it was eventually discovered that Fabian was using the Agency for more nefarious purposes as part of an elaborate plan to hold Archer and his associates accountable for a number of crimes. big.

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After being blamed for Fabian’s crimes and forced to evade justice, Archer and the Agency set out to take down the IIA leader once and for all, taking down the perpetrator and handing him over to Interpol. When the CIA returns to independence, Archer appoints Lana (Taylor) as the new leader, who says she’s got an idea for how to move the organization forward. about spy stories suggest that shooting game The agency will be explored today in the program. shooting game Season 14 will likely see the group grapple with their new roles within the organization’s changed hierarchy and as independent bodies.

There’s nothing to talk shooting gameHaving previously announced the renewal, Parnell revealed that filming for the 14th season was underway and it was a surprise. shooting game Benjamin discussed the movie, and the end of season 13 left the show open to further explore the new status quo. However, with Parnell confirming the latest developments in the series, it appears that Cyril has occasionally encountered more misconduct with Archer and the rest of the Agency.

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