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Adin David Ross is an American online streamer, who mostly collaborates with celebrities and broadcasts live streams of video games like the NBA 2K, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fortnite. Adin Ross is known for his generosity and philanthropic contributions to his fans. Additionally, he is renowned for his gambling streams and betting on Stake, the world’s leading betting platform.


Adin David Ross was born on 11 October 2000 (age 23 years; as of 2023) in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. His zodiac sign is Libra. He grew up in New York City and later moved to Three Rivers, California where he attended Woodlake Union High School in Woodlake, California.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 60 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Adin Ross photo


He belongs to a Jewish family.

Parents & Siblings

There is not much knowledge about his parents. He has an elder sister, Naomi Ross.

Adin Ross with his sister, Naomi Ross

Adin Ross with his sister, Naomi Ross

Wife & Children

He is unmarried.


Stacey Gould

Adin Ross’ first girlfriend was Stacey Gould, who also appeared on his live stream on Twitch channel. They came into a relationship when Ross was a small content writer. With the passage of time, their were several issues in their relationship began to emerge as he started getting fame. The lack of time and long distance between them took a toll on their relationship, eventually leading to their breakup. Despite parting ways, the two decided to remain friends and are in touch even today.

Pamela Gheriafi

He was in a romantic relationship with Pamela Gheriafi, widely known as Pamibaby, a music artist. Ross also wanted to marry her. In April 2022, Ross and Pamibaby made their relationship public. They eventually broke up after Adin Ross posted videos of himself with other women in bathtubs. Both of them faced scrutiny when cheating rumours started spreading among their fans that Ross and Pamela were breaking up, especially when his channel featured internet dates with Ladii Scorpio, Dana Rose, Chey Anderson, and Demi Raquel. Ross intensified Pamibaby’s doubts about him when she found the text chats between streamer Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross. Corinna Kopf publicly apologized and claimed that she had no intentions to cause any trouble.

Corinna Kopf

Adin Ross was romantically involved with Corinna Kopf as he kissed her during a livestream. This sparked rumours among their followers that they had been secretly dating each other. However, Ross immediately demolished all the dating rumours by clarifying that he had never dated Corinna Kopf and he was dating someone else. He later admitted that they both were nothing more than good friends. Despite his clarification, Adin Ross again kissed Corinna Kopf on his channel. They went on a Valentine’s Day date, and even spent time together in a hot tub. These stances led their fans to believe that both were indeed dating each other, but never accepted.

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Skylar Bri

Skylar Bri, also known as Sky Bri, was not officially dating Ross but there was a potential romantic connection between both of them. However, both of them denied that they were not in a relationship. But the fans doubted their claims as the Sky Bri got a tattoo of Adin Ross. However, Adin Ross claimed that he was shocked when he got to know that and he never asked her to do so. In another stream, she expressed her feelings and revealed her desire to be his girlfriend.


Adin Ross follows Judaism.


Weidlake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068



Ross was interested in video games and streaming from a very young age. He even once skipped his high school prom event just to stream on Twitch, an American video live streaming site that focuses on video game live streaming and is owned by Amazon. in. In October 2018, Adin Ross started creating content on Twitch through his initial channel “Ross2Huncho.”. In January 2019, Ross started regular streaming on Twitch with his sister, Naomi Ross, where he eventually joined an NBA 2K (Always Excelling) group. He became popular by playing NBA 2K20 with Bronny James, an American basketball player and streaming wager matches with several different streamers, content creators, and YouTubers.


— adin (@adinross) June 7, 2020

In 2020, while streaming with BronnyJames, he connected with LeBron James, an American basketball power forward who joined in on the call during the live stream. Ross has been banned from the Twitch streaming community eight times. In March 2020, Adin Ross became a member of the group known as SSB (Stacy’s Stepbrothers) where each member of the group creates internet content videos and Twitch streams that feature IRL and commentary on video games. His popular Twitch videos of the year 2021 include MIA, Back Outside, Inferno, Holy Smokes” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert), and House Party.


In 2023, he signed a deal with Kick, a video live-streaming service which was founded in 2022 as a competitor to Amazon-owned Twitch and operated by Kick Streaming Pty Ltd. In February 2023, he announced that he was permanently switching from Twitch to Kick. Ross successfully created interesting content on this platform. During one of his streams on Kick, he met one of his diehard fans, Jake, who watched his each stream online despite his physical disabilities and he decided to give Jake a surprise visit with many gifts like a basketball, an autographed Lakers jersey, and even offered him a full-time kick deal, an opportunity to stream for longer hours than usual.


In June 2021, he made a cameo appearance in a music video with a rapper Polo G in his song titled Black Hearted.


Adin Ross Manipulating his mother

In a recent gambling broadcast, Adin Ross accepted that he lost $4 million. This caught the news and made headlines, with fellow streamer FaZe Banks imploring Ross to end the stream. The latter recounted the incident the following day and admitted that he manipulated his mother to give him money to gamble. The particular section from his livestream has gone viral on social media. In the clip from the gambling broadcast, Adin Ross claimed that his mother hid his ledger wallet somewhere and he felt bad for manipulating her. He said,

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I said, Mommy, where’s the ledger, where’d you hide it? I owe people money, and if I don’t send them the money, I’m gonna get bopped. She freaked out! And I felt bad I manipulated and lied to my own mom to gamble. I typed in the group chat… I said, I just lost four million dollars. My mom hid my ledger and I manipulated my mom, I woke her up out of her sleep.”

Several fans and followers responded to the clip and showed concern about his gambling habits through their comments and tweets.

Adin Ross Manipulated His Mom To Gamble after losing $4M 😳‼️

— DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) November 21, 2023

Ross supported Andrew Tate

On 29 December 2022, Andrew Tate, an American-British businessman and a former professional kickboxer was arrested in Romania, for rape and human trafficking.

Adin Ross with Andrew Tate

Adin Ross with Andrew Tate

Five people including Adin David Ross were to visit Andrew Tate in detention but the Romanian government denied Adin David Ross’s access to fly to Romania. On 30 December 2022, Ross tweeted in support of Andrew Tate. The tweet read,

Na I ain’t gonna lie tho – Joe Biden please go ahead and pardon Andrew tate. Donald trump woulda been on it already 🥱 unfortunately trump clears you sleepy joe

— adin (@adinross) December 29, 2022

Kenya West commented on Jewish People

In December 2022, Ross was preparing to interview Kanye West, an American rapper and singer-songwriter. He went on DJ Akademiks’ podcast and revealed that he talked to Kenya West for 30 minutes over a call. After the call, Ross texted Kenya West something (which he did not reveal during the podcast) which probably made him think Ross was his enemy and the interview never happened. He told Kenya West that

I am a Jewish and to come at whoever you’re coming at directly rather than his whole community.”

Ross revealed his phone call conversation with Kenya West and said

He called me up, and he basically just said like, ‘Yo, you know, you Jews aren’t going to tell me what I can and can’t say.”

Twitch “hot-tub stream” bans

During the live streaming of Super Bowl LVII on Kick, Ross opened the Pornhub website in between the streaming. He was involved in a Twitch “hot-tub stream” with popular streamer Amouranth. On 10 April 2021, Ross was banned from Twitch after a YouTuber Zias answered a phone call and called Ross a “faggot”. Ross defended himself by claiming that he was not in his gaming room during the time. His fans started trending the hashtag #FreeAdin on Twitter to put pressure on Twitch staff.  Based on the information given by Adin Ross, Twitch staff lifted the ban on 12 April 2021 and allowed him to stream again.

Just got banned in twitch. I think it’s a perm guys … this is not good AT ALL. I was at a red light during my irl stream and I read chat off of my phone. I am 100% in the wrong I’m so sorry. Idk when I’m gonna be back tho … I’m shaking rn I’m so sorry I feel horrible

— adin (@adinross) July 8, 2021

Over a year later, on 20 April 2022, Ross was again banned due to the massive use of hateful homophobic slurs or symbols on Twitch streamer YourRAGE’s livestream. In June 2022. Twitch allowed Adin Ross to resume streaming. On 25 February 2023, he was permanently banned from Twitch for the eighth time because of his hateful conduct as he revealed his Kick chat on a stream filled with racist and antisemitic messages.

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❌ Twitch Partner “AdinRoss” (@adinross) has been banned! ❌ #ban #secondban #partner #twitchpartner 🙎

— StreamerBans (@StreamerBans) April 11, 2021

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • In 2021, Adin Ross became the very first content creator to be known as a member of the collective Clout Gang 2.0.
  • In 2021, Adin Ross was honoured with the title of “Streamer of the Year” on the streaming platform, Twitch.
  • In 2022, he was awarded the Shorty Award, an international flagship award for being an outstanding Twitch Streamer.

Car Collection

  • Porsche 911 (992) Carrera 4S

Adin Ross with his car

Assets & Properties

There are three real estate properties under Adin Ross’s ownership and through the rent from these properties, he makes monthly income. The total annual rental income is over $200,000 USD. He owns a mansion in Hollywood Hills worth  $7,275,100. It has ten bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, a game room, a gym, and a home theatre with approx space of 12,000 square feet. His mansion has four stories and an elevator.

Net Worth

According to February 2022, his estimated net worth is $2 million


Food: Pumpkin Pie, Fish Burgers


  • Adin Ross once revealed during an interview with Adam22 on No Jumper that when he was 12 years old he was stabbed his arm with a sharp weapon in his sleep by a relative who was mentally unstable. The relative was sent to jail and later he was admitted to a mental hospital. Adin Ross had nine stitches in his arm.
  • In September 2023, Adin Ross, featured a fake interview of North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un. He hired a professional impersonator Howard X to imitate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. His live broadcast reached a viewership of 333,506 people and broke the viewership record . Adin also introduced the fake Kim to Andrew Tate. However, his fans were disappointed by the presence of a fake imposter.
  • On 10 May 2021, during a live stream, Adin Ross claimed that every month, he will be donating 10% of his Twitch revenue to any charity of his audience’s choice.
  • He is a big fan of the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. He is an animal lover and has a pet dog.
    Adin Ross with his pet dog

    Adin Ross with his pet dog

  • To grow the number of his followers and fan community, he started trending a Twitter hashtag, #make2kfunagain in November 2020, as a gesture for not being satisfied with the developers of NBA 2K21. The hashtag became a sensation on Twitter and attracted a large number of followers. During the same time, he also introduced an “e-date” stream, where the users can find a date while conversing on Discord.

You know it’s real when the goat tweets it out – best community ever i swear shout to bron for being real#make2kfunagain … #2 on trending we almost number 1 lets go guys!!!!!!!!

— adin (@adinross) November 18, 2020

  • In October 2014, Ross started a YouTube channel named ‘Adin Live’, where he uploads streaming clips, videos of pranks, challenges, vlogs, and video games. Adin Ross with the YouTube silver button

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