A Look Into ND Lala And Siti Munirah Relationship

Siti Munirah is the new wife of Malaysian singer ND Lala. One of his recent posts confirmed his current relationship. Is it true that he divorced his first wife? Dato’ Amir Amzah bin Salleh, better known as ND Lala, is a famous Malaysian singer known for his contributions to traditional pop and folk music, especially during the 1980s and 1990s.

ND Lala, who was born on April 9, 1961, has creative abilities that go beyond music. He is a multifaceted figure in the entertainment sector, and in addition to his commercial activities, he has also worked as a TV host and actor. His consistent success in releasing solo albums over four decades is a remarkable achievement. He was awarded the Grand Order of the Crown of Pahang of His Royal Highness Second Class of the Inder Crown of Pahang (DIMP) and the title of Dato in appreciation of his efforts.

ND Lala’s New Wife Siti Munirah: Relationship Timeline

ND Lala, a famous Malaysian musician, TV presenter, business coach and author, recently revealed his new marriage to Siti Munirah Abdul Ghani. This connection is particularly noteworthy as Siti Munirah is said to have been a classmate of ND Lala’s daughter, Shila, at SMK Setapak Indah. Considering the strange school relationship between ND Lala’s daughter and his new wife, the announcement of their relationship shocked the entire nation.

Despite the unusual circumstances, ND Lala cleared up any misunderstandings by noting that his new wife, Siti Munirah, should not be called “penyondola” or “husband stealer”. To be fair, he said he approached her and proposed, pointing out that their love story was a mutual choice. Their marriage sparked debate and conflicting emotions across the country, demonstrating the heart’s tenacious ability to discover unexpected paths to happiness. However, ND Lala’s new chapter with Siti Munirah has thrust his daughter into the limelight.

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Shila Amzah, a singer, said that she and Siti Munirah went to the same high school, denying previous claims that they were close friends. Siti Munirah, she stressed, does not fit the criteria of a best friend. Shila expressed full support to her mother, Fauziah Sarman, who was having marital difficulties due to the announcement of ND Lala’s second marriage.

Fauziah Sarman is ND Lala’s ex-wife

ND Lala, a famous Malaysian musician and TV personality, has shared an important chapter in his life with his first wife, Fauzia Sarman. Their adventure began in 1989 when they met while participating in the Mekar Sejambak show on Radio Malaysia. They had no idea that this relationship would eventually take an unexpected turn. Unfortunately, Fauziah Sarman suffered the heartbreak of a divorce when she called the end of her 34-year marriage to the famous pop artist.

ND Lala

The tragic announcement came in April 2023, when Fauziah shared the bad news on her social media account. She announced in a candid statement that she and ND Lala are no longer married. The parting was characterized by a disturbing accusation, as Fauziah passed the picture to Sita, perhaps insinuating that she was to blame for the breakdown of their marriage. On 2 August 2023, the divorce was legally pronounced at Masjid Ar Rahman in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The divorce was as contemporary as it was sudden, with ND Lala reportedly divorcing Fauziah via WhatsApp on August 8, 2023.

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