A boy goes viral for his disturbing reaction when he sees his birthday cake

Depor Writing May 27, 2023 20:03. m. | Updated on May 27, 2023. at 8:04 pm

The child never thought that the strange celebration of his own birthday cake in front of him would reach millions, spread almost immediately inside TikTokwhere people wonder why he’s acting like that.

To put us in context, it is important to know that in Mexicoof the country where filming took place, there is a common custom to be transparent children’s party, birthday’s face in the cakebut Maleni decided to break with the mentioned tradition to impose her own style.

Ana Parga (@a_pargzz) he showed us a dignified, somewhat listless expression on his face, he looked at his cake with disdainas if he’s not very pleased with what’s going on around him, but it’s wrong for us to think so, because unannounced, The child took the momentum to face the crowd Seconds later, he pushed her away to reveal a chocolate-sweet face.

Watch the viral video here

@a_pargzz Let him bite πŸ˜‚ #birthday cake #sons birthday #I’m crazy original audio – Spanish for Every Day

With the tirelessly repeating “I’m crazy” sound, the video succeeded, gathering more than 15.2 million views, followed by thousands of people constantly laughing and joking with a stranger as a moment of joy. He definitely didn’t want others to slander him, but himself.

“He didn’t even leave the pie”, “I haven’t slept all day”, “and on top of that he crushed it”, “boy: ‘I will, they’ll do it’ “, “the face of the kid in the back: ‘Oh my god, why is this'”, “the guy in the back is crazy”, “I feel like I’ll never make it through”, “he took it all” the cake “.

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