90 Day Fiancé’s Debbie & Tony Welcome ‘Newest Member’ Of Family

Debbie Johnson and Tony Stacevic from the 90 Day Fiance series were so happy together in Canada that they decided to add a pet to the family.

fiance 90 days Franchise stars Debbie Johnson and Tony Stacevic introduced a new family member to fans on Instagram. The 70-year-old reality TV star married a 69-year-old Canadian man in 2016. 90 Days: Single LifeSince then, she has been a central part of Tony’s life and celebrates with him all the important occasions in Canada. And, the TLC couple had a great time the day before.

In his latest Instagram post, Tony introduced the new member of the Debbie family online. he wrote, “The newest addition to our growing family,” He also posted a picture of his new gray cat, which has big eyes and pointy ears.

debbie said fiance 90 days Fans say her new family member’s name is “Wolfi.” She added that Wolfie is just “beautiful” with her “The sweetest baby ever.” based on fiance 90 days The star’s partner their cat is the Russian Blue, a breed of cat native to the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia.

90 Day Fiance fans congratulate Debbie and Tony

Debbie Johnson and her boyfriend Tony in 90 Days: Single Life on the Street

fiance 90 days Viewers are excited to see Debbie and Tony expand their family and welcome a new pet they can have together. Fans have given the duo sweet comments and congratulations on their new addition. One Instagram user wrote, “You and Debbie will be the sweetest mom and dad to Wolfie,” Also thank you Tony for posting such a sweet family update. other fiance 90 days Viewers commented, “You all have found true love and it warms my heart,” And added that they couldn’t be happier for this couple.written by someone else “Wolf” Is the best “strange” The cats they saw.

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fiance 90 days Over the past few months, fans have seen Debbie and Tony grow together. But most viewers were initially apprehensive to see the 70-year-old reality TV star fall in love with a Canadian man after some of his Instagram photos caused controversy. fiance 90 days Viewers also think that Tony might have a dark side, and that he will end up breaking Debbie’s heart by leaving her after a while. However, the 69-year-old reality TV star has proven his critics wrong by proving that he is a true gentleman and cares deeply about his partner. His social personality has also changed since Debbie entered his life.

Fans want to see Debbie and Tony together forever and have a great family. Some people even hope that the two will get married in a classic way fiance 90 days Fashion. However, Debbie took to social media to clarify her and Tony’s intentions. According to her, she will never be Tony’s fiancée. While Debbie hasn’t revealed why she’s made this decision, she’s not yet at the stage in her life where marriage is a priority. Debbie and Tony enjoy being together and have a healthy relationship. This is probably the most important thing fiance 90 days Current franchise star.

Source: Tony Starcevich/Instagram

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