’90 Day Fiancé’ Moments That Live in My Head Rent-Free

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé…Love it or hate it, but I think we can all agree that some moments were undeniably embarrassing.

1. Inside Danielle and Mohamed’s love life


Popular opinion: They were NOT like any other married couple.

2. Princess Leida tries to throw out Eric’s daughter


Keep in mind that only Eric and his daughter, Tasha, were listed on the lease, so Leida had no legitimate basis to make such demands. Leida has always been and will always be a problem. Recently, she was arrested for stealing thousands of $$$.

3. Azan’s response to whether or not he is attracted to Nicole


Wrong answer, friend.

4. The Big Ed Deal


Let’s put this on the list of things we should never say to a woman.

5. Jay gets exposed SMH

Literally days after THEIR WEDDING. The audacity of that man.

6. Paul’s mom’s going away gift


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To each their own, but I can definitely see where Paul gets his quirkiness from…

7. Angela showing everyone on national television


‘Tell All’ Quickly Became ‘Show All’

8. Lana forgets that David was a professional bowler.


If he wins, she has to kiss him. She had never before seen someone so nervous about losing a game of bowling.

9. When everyone thought Corey liked black magic


Poor Corey tries to impress Evelin’s family with this card trick. Let’s say he didn’t convince them.

10. Steven reveals his body count


Let’s not forget, Steven is Mormon.

11. David’s Creepy Friend and His Even Creepier Request for Annie

Image source: Youtube

Red flag…an immediate warning sign

12. When Ximena tells her sister and the whole world how disgusting Mike is


While Ximena is recounting Mike’s disgusting habits, Mike is here farting and burping.

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