’90 Day Fiancé’ Kalani spends the night with her ‘Hall Pass’ Dallas after couples therapy with Asuelu

On Monday’s episode of 90 days: the last resort, viewers witnessed a surprising twist as Kalani’s close connection to Dallas reached a new level. Kalani’s relationship with Asuelu has faced serious strains, primarily due to her infidelity, which ultimately led to Kalani’s romantic relationship with Dallas. After Asuelu provided him with a “hall pass” to explore her feelings for another person, Dallas flew to the Florida Keys to see Kalani while she was in couples therapy with Asuelu.

As the season progresses, it becomes clear that the damage in Kalani and Asuelu’s marriage runs deep. Kalani revealed that Asuelu had cheated on her several times, including early in their relationship while she was pregnant. Her relationship reached a point where she no longer saw Asuelu as a love interest but as a friend, unable to forgive him for her infidelity. Her suspicions grew even more when she caught him deleting messages from her phone.

Kalani confided in her friend Liz and acknowledged that Asuelu’s behavior made her uncomfortable with their relationship. She felt that he might still be hiding things from her and had not learned from her past mistakes. As a result, she quietly unblocked Dallas, whom she had blocked during a couples retreat.

During her conversation with Liz, it became clear that Kalani had deep feelings for Dallas. She described him as “very sweet” and someone who reciprocated her efforts in their relationship. She expressed her internal conflict, wondering whether she should choose the father of her children, with whom she had to work hard to maintain a semblance of friendship, or the man who had unexpectedly entered her life and made her believe in the existence of the Genuine love. .

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Asuelu acknowledged the weight of his actions and their consequences during a conversation with Jovi. Kalani’s feelings for another man left him feeling helpless and unsure about the future of their relationship.

He admitted: “I just don’t want to put pressure on her because she’s done, she’s done with me. After our session with Dr. Jenny, I don’t know if Kalani wants to divorce her and I feel like she doesn’t love me anymore.”

The situation took another turn when Asuelu woke up one morning to find Kalani absent. His inexplicable departure made him suspicious and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. When he called her, she revealed that she was having breakfast, but she refused to reveal her location, leaving Asuelu deeply worried.

Returning to her room, Kalani did not apologize for her actions and assured her sister, Kolini, that Asuelu was aware of her safety. During a girls’ getaway with her friends Liz, Yara and Angela, she dropped the bombshell that Dallas had gone one step further by flying to meet her. Shock and disbelief ran through the group when Kalani shared the news that Dallas had asked her to visit him, leading to them spending the night there.

Kalani’s situation highlights the complexities and challenges of relationships, especially within the confines of a reality television show. Viewers are left intrigued and unsure about the ultimate direction of her romantic entanglements as she continues to navigate her feelings for Asuelu and Dallas.

These two aren’t the only ones on the reality show dealing with drama, man. 90 day fiancé Star Leida Margaretha is also dealing with her own thing after being recently arrested for alleged wire fraud and forgery.

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