6 Shows Like Breaking Bad That Break The Rules So Bad They’re So Good!

When it comes to ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things, or at least trying to, one person who exemplifies this display of courage comes to mind: Walter White. And fans loved his adventures on the good and bad side of the law in breaking bad – but more on the bad side!

Imagine your average looking high school teacher, a downtrodden and even depressed common worker who needs to have and keep a second job to make ends meet for his middle class family. One day he came across the world of drug trafficking where he discovered how easy it is to get the money he needs in life. The temptation is huge! So he thought of a better use for his chemical prowess: inventing his own drugs. And you know what? He invents the best recipe in the world!

And that started his journey to the underworld where he even became a drug lord in his own right. No point putting in that almost Nobel Prize-winning brain, right? Good! Talk about having two identities at the same time! And these are the elements that prompted breaking bad in stellar state.

Quirky and cutting-edge programs like breaking bad it also became popular for its underdog-turned-greatest story trope. That’s why this show ran for a good 5 seasons when it came out in 2008. And boy, were those seasons great! That’s why it’s good to know that today we can watch and rewatch Walter’s various adventures on Amazon and Netflix. Have fun rewatching!

But if you are looking for another type of show that gives you the same breaking bad correction, here are some providers.


Veteran actor Jason Bateman tries his hand at the underdog-turned-dog TV storytelling trope with ozark. Only this time, he really isn’t going very far, yet, to become the best in the game. But hey, he’s just getting started!

This interesting series also begins as breaking bad. This show is about a seemingly average family who decide to move from the Chicago suburbs to Osage Beach in Missouri. Sounds monotonous, right? You would think that this average middle class family just wanted to have a new life in a new place. But the actual result is that the father (played by Bateman) wants to escape a previous deal with the Mexican drug cartel. Since he is a financial professional, he thought he could get away with money laundering schemes. Hey, he’s tempting! Of course, he finds out the hard way that it’s not easy to get away with such schemes with such people. He then finds himself working with the cartel to make amends and be on the safer side of life, if you know what we mean!

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The 2017 show has already run for 2 seasons on Netflix, which says a lot about the longevity of these types of characters and shows. Go see!



When you try to smoke weed, of course you try to hide it from your mom, right? But what if a mother is the provider of weed in a suburb? So here is the story of Weeds. Turn it on for fun!

This hit Showtime series debuted in 2005 and starred Mary-Louise Parker. He breaking bad The underdog-dog-who-becomes-the-best trope has a gender twist here because the seemingly average suburban parent doing the illegal activity isn’t the father this time, but rather the mother. His character began selling marijuana since he was widowed and has two children to raise. And the lucrative drug trade is always attractive to people who want to make a quick buck big time.

This interesting show ran for 8 seasons and you can still watch it on Showtime. It also streams on Amazon, VUDU, and Netflix. Go find something to smoke a bit!

boardwalk empire

boardwalk empire

Since when did alcohol become illegal in commerce? Since Prohibition, that’s when. Get an insight into how alcohol was treated as a nightmare in society in the show called boardwalk empire.

Brilliant veteran actor Steve Buscemi does a kind of Forrest Gump turn into this period series, but only in terms of his character Nucky interacting with real-life characters he encounters during the 1920s. In this show, he plays a local politician who also serves as the head of the industry food. contraband during that time. The highly visual series set a great tone for Atlantic City in New Jersey during the Prohibition Era, and the show was highly acclaimed for its portrayal of mobsters and characters from that era, as well as the stories they wove for us. It’s a chug-a-lug punch!

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This great series produced by HBO began airing in 2010 and lasted for five seasons. It can now be accessed through HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, Direct TV, and Fandangonow. Warning: it is highly addictive to watch. Below!

The wire

The wire

Do you want to know how drug trafficking works in an American city? So tune in to see The wire because nothing can be quite as authentic as a show written by a former reporter who spent time working with real-life cops involved in their own war on drugs in Baltimore, Maryland.

This HBO series is one of the best crime dramas of the 2000s. It started airing in 2002 and ran for five seasons. In that period of time they discussed many details that not only involve drug trafficking but also the internal functioning of the government institutions involved in this line of work. The show also intersected with other concerns from time to time, but the real focus of the show remained on the subject of drugs and trying to end their trade. Specifically, the focus was primarily on the law enforcement side. But of course they cross over to the other side of the law from time to time.

Watch this great show on HBO GO and Amazon Prime Video. Check in your local area if they are available there or on VUDU, Google Play, Direct TV or Fandangonow.

drug traffickers

drug traffickers

If you really want a crime-filled dramatic thriller that is larger than life and based on real life, Narcos is the one.

The first 2 seasons of the show featured the life and rise to crime of one of the most notorious drug lords in the world as we know it: Pablo Escobar. The show focused on his early roots in Colombia until he became “the” drug lord who ruled not only his country, but also the continent and, later, the world. Its reach became so wide that it even reached the US. That is why this show focuses on the agents of the US Drug Enforcement Administration and their interactions with this infamous kingpin.

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Season 3 continued with Escobar-related storylines, but focused more on the DEA agents’ side. A new season will debut soon that will rewrite the story and take it in a different direction. In the meantime, enjoy its 3 seasons on Netflix. Puff this one!



if you saw the movie Unlimited where Bradley Cooper was a writer who was also a volunteer test subject for an experimental drug, then you’ll be familiar with this series. Unlimited the series is also related to this movie and extends the story far beyond what the movie showed.

So what’s so addictive about this show? Well, for one thing, that experimental drug was all about unlocking the brain’s full potential. And when we say full potential, that means tapping into the corners of the brain to make the mind more empowered and powerful at the same time. This dark sci-fi story is as exciting as the movie and makes the story deeper than the movie presents. Jake McDorman takes over the role vacated by Bradley in this series.

Take a look and let your imagination run wild on CBS All Access and Netflix. Those who have VUDU, Amazon, Fandangonow and Google Play will also be able to have it at any time.

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