5 Things Wrong With The Unauthorized Full House Story (& 5 Things They Got Right)

Fans of any good TV show or movie love a show in particular that says it all, but A house full of unauthorized stories More than that. This is a movie with a behind-the-scenes script on how Happy home Appeared, what happened when the camera didn’t pan.

Surprisingly, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes episode Happy home, not everything and everyone is depicted correctly. Some things are done right, but some things are far from what actually happens.

Mistake: Double Truth

The film shows Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen waiting for you with their mother Janet when Michelle auditions, but has no intention of letting the girls audition on their own.

But actually, the twins intended to give it a try. Jarnett heard about an audition with friends, where she mentioned to a network executive that she had twins. He told her that twins are often used in business, so she sent him a few pictures of the girls. They quickly received the call Happy home Audition, and the rest is history!

Right: Second chance

Candace Cameron tried playing DJ Tanner in her auditions, but she overheard a casting director say she wasn’t very happy. It happened, and Candice went back to her mother, very sad.

With her mother’s help, she was able to convince them to let her try again and she succeeded a second time. As fans of the show know, she’s landed the role once again.

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Error: Not the correct egg

The first scene shot for the pilot episode featured Joey and Jesse’s dead easter eggs. Jesse tries boiling an egg in vinegar, insisting on Joey let him do it, and then Danny walks in, wondering what that awful smell is…at least in the movie.

In reality Happy home Pilot, this scenario does not exist. In fact, the family never dyed an Easter egg throughout the series.

Right: Danny’s Original

Happy home Creator Jeff Franklin originally considered two people for the role of Danny Tanner, one of them being Bob Saget. However, Bob was not present because he was co-hosting a news program. Instead, after one round of auditions, John Posey was cast as Danny and filmed the pilot episode.

How did Bob finally get the role? After being fired from his previous job, he called to ask if there was still a chance to play Danny in the role. Of course not, but Jeff convinced ABC to go back to piloting with the Danny he originally wanted. Poor John!

Wrong: Baby or Toddler?

Mary Kate and Ashley were 9 months old when they started acting – and they can’t even crawl yet! They were the perfect age for the role of Michelle, who was supposed to be a child.

However, the girls who play the Olsen twins at the beginning of the film are not babies! They appear to be about three years old and appear to be able to walk on their own. They’re still cute, but they’re definitely not an accurate portrait of actual twins.

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Right: bad review

in spite of Happy home Now known as a great classic, it wasn’t always a hit. Critics tore it down from the start, opting for slick content and hilarious comedy that’s nothing special. The ratings weren’t good either, and the stars and crew of the show weren’t sure if they’d return for another season.

Not only did they film the second season, but the show ran for a total of eight seasons and is now rerun daily after more than 20 years.

Mistake: Bond Brothers

Dave Coulier and Bob Saget at Happy home Filming begins, but John Stamos is the new member of the group. The film depicts Bob’s plan for the three of them to go to Vegas to have some male intimacy and get to know each other better.

The trip happened in real life, only one small detail was changed – Bob wasn’t actually going! In the movie, all three appear to be having a great time in Las Vegas, but in reality only John and Dave go.

Right: Two terrible

Twins can be frustrating at times, with John Stamos complaining how difficult the baby scenes are to do. John complained about the twins, in fact, he even fired them!

He thought Mary-Kate and Ashley were unprofessional because they cried a lot on set, but eventually he realized that all babies are like that. Thankfully, he was able to hire them back.

Mistake: Who is Tina?

not only do house full of illegals story invent a new one Happy home The scene creates a new character.

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in one scene. DJ and Danny chat in the kitchen as DJ tries to convince her dad to let her go on vacation with his friend’s family.real Happy home Fans might scream, “It has to be Kimmy Gibbler!” But really, it’s Tina. But who is Tina? The DJ has never had a friend of that name on reality TV.

Right: Mom is angry

Bob is not in the habit of standing up very cleanly, he often brings his humor to the set Happy home, whether using profanity or making inappropriate jokes. What he doesn’t do is look back to see if there are children around, and they often are!

In the movie, he starts talking about strippers, which prompts Judy to ask what a stripper is. Candace and the twins’ mother were unhappy with Bob’s behavior and decided to confront the producer, which the girls’ mother did when Bob went overboard.

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