5 Disturbing Facts Regarding Paula Sladewski’s Murder

After a decades-long investigation with only a few small leads and countless dead ends, the brutal murder of Paula Sladewski in 2010 remains a mystery to everyone. Sladewski is an aspiring young model whose body was found horribly burned in a trash can near the Miami nightclub where she was last seen.

Kevin Klym, the victim’s 26-year-old boyfriend, was first named a suspect in the case when the truth about his abusive relationship with Paul came to light. Furthermore, suspicion arose that the nightclub employees were involved in the murder, who were eventually fired, leaving the case unsolved for more than a decade. On Tuesday, November 15, Oxygen’s Dateline: Unforgettable will examine the Paula Sladewski murder case in an upcoming episode titled Death of the Golden Girl. The summary of the episode is as follows:

“Aspirational Playboy model murdered in Miami, FL. A seven-second video of her final moments was captured by surveillance cameras and could provide vital information. This is one of Dennis Murphy’s most memorable cases because of the poignant images.”

Here are five notable aspects of the Paula Sladewski case, from a long night of fun to the hope of exposing the killer.

1) On the night of the murder, Paula Sladewski and her boyfriend were kicked out of Club Space.

According to reports, Sladewski and her boyfriend Kevin Klym went to the famous nightclub Club Space early in the morning of January 3 after two nights of partying and drinking in Miami, Florida. Kevin, on the other hand, was kicked out of the club after causing an uproar when Paula refused to leave.

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Klym said he immediately took a taxi back to the hotel where they were staying to sleep. Sladewski was also kicked out of the club shortly after he left, and she appears to have disappeared. Security footage from that night shows two security guards kicking her out of the location. The Head of Space reports that she was followed by a suspicious person as she left.

2) Paula Sladewski’s body was discovered in the trash later that day.

On the same day, around 1 to 2 p.m. after the incident at the club, a North Miami homeowner called police and firefighters after witnessing a trash can on fire near NW 14 Avenue and 130th Street. , in an industrial area about 12 miles from the nightclub. When officers arrived, they found the burned body of a woman in a horrifying scene. Using dental records, the severely burned body was later identified as Paula Sladewski. The victim’s face is almost unrecognizable, only the piercing and earrings remain.

3) The police suspect that the perpetrator killed Paula somewhere and then burned her body.

Investigators believe she was killed somewhere and then taken to a landfill, where her body was burned. Given that the location of the trash is not known to everyone, they suspect that someone who knew about it was behind the murder. An autopsy determined that the probable cause of death was strangulation, meaning that Paula Sladewski was killed before her body was burned.

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4) Her partner claims that Club Space employees are responsible for the crime.

Paula’s mistress, Kevin Klym, claimed that one of the guards from Club Space, where the two partyed on the night of the murder, on January 3, was responsible for this heinous act. According to sources, Klym was kicked out of the club that night and returned to the hotel. Sladewski was captured shortly after and disappeared.

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According to Kevin, the staff might have been going to spy on Sladewski so they decided to split the duo so they could approach her when she was alone. In the shaky, black-and-white CCTV footage, two security guards can be seen chasing the woman as she leaves. On the other hand, the club management claimed that another person followed the victim out of the club and they all left together.

Paula Sladewski

5) Paula Sladewski’s boyfriend has been identified as a person of interest in the investigation.

When the police began investigating Paula’s death, they discovered that her lover Kevin was the only one who had seen her alive before she was murdered and burned alive. Further investigation revealed that he abused the victim, which is why he was designated as a person of interest in this case. He was later ruled out as a suspect, and the case remains unsolved.

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