10 Best Pieces Of Rick And Morty Fan Art

With so many pop culture obsessed fan bases, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more rick and the dead. The beauty of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s masterpiece is its conceptual endlessness. The show can do whatever it wants with the premise, earning rave reviews for its creativity and unsurpassed humour. Although fans of the Adult Swim series have waited almost two years for a November return, that hasn’t stopped us from being obsessed with it.

The result is a wealth of unique fan art that has popped up online since the movie premiered in 2015. rick and the dead In general, fan art seems to fall into three distinct categories: art that stays true to the look and feel of the show, authentic interpretations of the characters, and art that intersects with the attributes of the show. other count. However, we have selected some of the best works rick and the dead Fan art from around the internet for you to enjoy.

super car kart

This amazing work of art comes through rick and the dead original cover character Super Mario KartThere’s no denying the original boxy shape of the iconic 1992 classic Super Nintendo game. So to take that art and re-imagine it as a fictional game system in a multiverse called “Super Schmlintendo” is an absolute genius.

This fun combo by Steve Yurko almost perfectly mimics the dense cover of the original. A few elements that don’t fit the game’s original boxy shape — most notably the ratings (the ESRB was founded in 1994) and the lack of a quirky tagline — make slight differences in the gameplay. This. However, it also points to some nuances Super Mario Kart, such as Jerry replacing Bowser in the original. Personally, any game that decides to include Birdperson in this book is fine.


The villain Morty first appeared at the end of season one, titled “A Close Encounter of the Morty Kind.” However, he returned as the main antagonist of the third season, titled “Legend of the Castle” (aka “Ricklantis Mixup”), becoming the castle’s first elected president. The station was rebuilt recently. While Evil Morty’s true intentions are still unclear, he’s becoming one of the show’s best villains.

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This semi-realistic portrayal of the evil Morty is even more sinister than the series portraying him. In a way, the artwork is inspired by the anime, while maintaining a sense of reality through his brutal smile and electronic eye patch. Looks like artist Clawed50 took inspiration from something like Brightburn to bring this aesthetic into rick and the dead. To quote Morty from the aforementioned episode, “It seems like the right time to drink, calculatively terse with a hint of sinisterness.”

rick and morty meet

This cross poster by JoeHoganArt shows the show’s different personalities like Super Smash Bros. figure. While most of the references here are pretty straightforward, it’s nice to see Photography Raptor playing Yoshi and Snuffles playing characters like Pikachu. Conceptually, this combination demonstrates that we need a rick and the dead Episodes are set in video games as quickly as possible.

The art itself is already amazing, mainly because it manages to seamlessly integrate the essence of the different characteristics of both properties. This work uses a combination of solid lines, shadows, and fills. There’s a lot going on in this poster that ultimately makes it a great piece of visual storytelling.

Hero problem solving

Our next article, from JenL, brings together many time-traveling villains. According to the artist, Dr. Robotnik invited other scientists to “take down their hero once and for all.” Unfortunately, Eggman’s cunning intentions led to an ego conflict that resulted in “blame and slap”.

Although Rick was clearly uninvited, an encounter with the world’s top time-traveling scientist would feel so wrong without him. While he’s more of an anti-hero archetype, it’s still fun to see him fight alongside other popular cartoon villains. In keeping with the particular character’s animation/game style, this fan art also does a great job of combining them into one seamless piece.

rick and morty meet ghosts

ability of rick and the dead A matchup with Ghostbusters seems to be a match made in heaven. They are two hotels with loyal fan bases, so it feels like they were made for each other. The show has acknowledged this many times, most notably in a Season 3 episode titled “Morty’s Mind-blowers”. The second is in the so-called “irregular adventure”.

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This poster, a collaboration between JoeHoganArt and Mike Vasquez, recreates some of the characters Rick and Morty from the classic 1984 film. Morty and Jessica refer to Dana and Lois in that film, while Rick seems to be playing Egon or Peter. Meeseeks also appears as the ghostly Mooglie, and the presence of Mr. Poopybutthole is always appreciated. Anyone else want to see a full crossover?

real rick

this attractive rick and the dead The fan art is from Ururuty. This work simulates a psychedelic version of Rick using a more realistic protagonist approach. Honestly, it’s like Heath Ledger’s Joker-inspired concept art, which makes the idea of ​​a real-life Rick all the more unsettling.

The brushstrokes in this fan art are impressive, especially the way the different colors are mixed. All in all, the details of this beautiful rendition of Rick are well worth considering for a few minutes.

Kimchi Rick conquers all

“Pickle Rick” could be one of them rick and the deadThe most memorable and quoted episode. In this episode, Rick turns his consciousness into a pickle to avoid family therapy. Through a series of events, Pickle Rick got lost in the sewers. As a result, he was forced to create a makeshift suit from the decapitated parts of a rat to escape the deadly rodent, leading up to the moment depicted here.

While it pretty directly represents that episode’s iconic moment, this fan poster by ChasingArtwork keeps that classic moment alive. The simple yet effective use of greenery really goes well here, especially with another pile of pickles stacked in the background.

narrow way out

This surreal work by an artist named JackalOfTrades is definitely a ride. It’s called “Near Escape” and it won the 2015 Rick and Morty Fan Art Contest presented by Deviant Art. According to the artist, the work is set against the backdrop of “the idea that the entire Earth has been shrunk down into a giant mass of flesh and muscle.” The original artwork depicts the eponymous duo using their “diaper spray”, which appears to “push the methane out of your fart”.

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In this work, the attention to darkness here is very good. Plus, the spiral teeth are a nice touch. If this fan drawing doesn’t sum up rick and the deadIt’s hard to say what will happen.

Rick and Morty Cronemon

This Rick and Morty fan art piece combines the main duo with Pokémon characters. In particular, this print is by artist Steve Yurko and references an earlier volume titled “Rick Potion #9”. In this episode, Rick concocts a love potion for Morty, only to turn humans into grotesque mutant creatures known as the “Cronenbergs”.

Cleverly titled “Cronémon”, the work takes cute and cuddly creatures from the Pokémon world and renders them ugly. However, there’s something about this crazy print that makes it hard to take your eyes off it. Morty imagines Ash Ketchum and Rick as Professor Samuel Oak, and it’s hard to imagine these two not being able to deal with the various Cronémon that await them!


This amazing fan art piece titled “Falling Out” comes from kcday. As an original piece of art doesn’t necessarily refer to a particular episode, it’s pretty much the Schwifty it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, this work is so impressive that the artist has been stolen many times since it was created in 2015. So if you see this work of art for sale anywhere, very maybe it’s being used without her permission.

In addition, the print perfectly captures a wide range of antics, such as rick and the deadThe lines are dramatic and the blue glow around the figures makes them stand out here. The details are outstanding, providing a colorful and vibrant work of art that is sure to grab the attention of fans as well as non-fans.

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