Southern Charm: The Truth About Leva Bonaparte’s Recent Plastic Surgery

Leva Bonaparte from Southern charm She underwent plastic surgery shortly after giving birth to her son, and she has recently opened up about the process. The reality star has always been open and honest with everyone in her life, and now she’s starting to do so. Southern charm audiences. When participating in the reality TV series last season, Leva quickly became a fan favorite. Viewers loved that she was ready to appear as real as possible on TV.

audience in Southern charm Season 7, Episode 1. Although she has been friends with the cast for a while, she didn’t join until recently. Leyva said other actors loved Katherine Dennis. However, when Bonaparte tried to get Catherine Denis under her wing, she impressed the audience quite a bit so Denis could better handle her recent controversy over racial insensitivity. Leva wants to help Kathryn, but Dennis never seems to understand the gravity of what she’s doing. However, because of their budding friendship, Leva always supports Kathryn no matter what.

Last month, Leva Bonaparte shared a photo of herself on Instagram with a lengthy caption. In the caption, she talks about the plastic surgery she underwent after giving birth to her son Lamar Jr. Although she’s a fairly private person, the 41-year-old decided to be honest about her elective surgery. Her followers kept asking her about her recent weight loss, so she told her story online. She explained her history of weight gain over the years, including gaining 70 pounds while pregnant with a boy. Leva has reached her peak weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although diet and exercise helped her lose weight”better“In terms of how much weight she’s gained, she reveals that there’s still a little bit left”stubborn place“She couldn’t fix it. See post below:

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Leva decided to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Clayton Crantford. She asked him what job he should do. Leva did not elaborate on the procedure she chose, but let everyone know that she is pleased with the results. “He exceeded my expectations! my new adjustment [Dr. Clayton Crantford] body looks more natural [than I] expect and [I’m] Very happy!‘ Leva wrote in her caption, adding, ‘So go ahead and do what makes you happy, but only with the right doctor. Just do it for meOverall, Leva is satisfied with Dr. Crantford’s work and is comfortable in her own skin.

Leva is satisfied with her current figure, so plastic surgery is a good option for her. Southern charm The star clearly feels empowered because she’s comfortable with her body image. Leva is a strong advocate of doing what makes you feel good. Most of her fans approve of her choice.

Source: Leva Bonaparte/Instagram

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