1 Netflix One Piece Storyline Needs… Jamie Lee Curtis?!

“One Piece” will premiere on Netflix in 2023, and while most of the first season’s main characters have been confirmed, there’s a storyline calling for Jamie Lee Curtis.

She may not be the face many people expect, but Netflix’s live-action female The TV show desperately needed Jamie Lee Curtis for a particular character. Netflix’s previous live-action adaptation is very similar to the late-overlooked Straw Hat crew spoof—with a vague resemblance to the real, but something went wrong in the transition. female The trend will be reversed in 2023, with the adaptation of the first chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga into a ten-episode premiere season.

How far will Iñaki Godoy’s Monkey D. Luffy go? female Part 1 is still to be seen. A cast update and a behind-the-scenes video confirm that the story will span at least the battle between the Straw Hats and Aroon, and Luffy’s first four Nakamuras — Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji — are all set. The next recruit will be the Chopper of Drum Kingdom, at the end of the game female Early season 1 or potential 2.with female As soon as the Empty Kingdom could be tweaked, Netflix had to start asking about the availability of a certain Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect for the role of Dr. Kureha in One Piece

Red Feather One Piece

like a star halloween franchise, followed by an excellent supporting performance everything is everywhereJamie Lee Curtis is not a name that many people associate with femalethere is a live-action cast of talented names but most of the audience does not know. and also with female Curtis certainly is. The Hollywood star, a self-proclaimed anime fan, has expressed her love for female special. At the 2022 Oscars, Curtis even expressed interest in starring in Netflix’s live-action adaptation, noting that Chopper’s mentor, Dr. Wu Yu, was a role she played. he wants to close.

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Jamie Lee Curtis’ acting resume wholeheartedly proves that she’s a tough, gritty yet soft-hearted character that’s perfect for any role. femaleDr. Kureba. Just look at Deirdre everything is everywhere A shining example, Curtis easily transforms from aggressive and unlikable to genuine. Plus, it’s rare for an industry legend like Jamie Lee Curtis to pursue a role in a live-action film adaptation so openly. Netflix would be remiss not to seize the opportunity to bring in such a huge amount of talent female Part 2 – Might even debut in the final credits of season 1 as a cameo.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Kureu will legitimize Netflix’s One Piece

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh sitting outside the laundromat

Understandably, there was a lot of skepticism about Netflix’s live-action female. More than ever, adaptations must strike a balance between appeasing an existing enthusiastic fan base while appealing to a more mainstream Netflix audience. Drafting Jamie Lee Curtis helps a lot on both fronts. female Followers, Curtis’ participation in the Netflix series will serve as a stamp of approval for a popular anime fan. In the meantime, add another talented and popular Curtis actor to Netflix female The TV show will attract more casual glances, elevating the Netflix series just because of her presence.

An Obstacle to Jamie Lee Curtis’ Participation female – assuming the first season of the live-action adaptation isn’t so bad, she decided to stay as far away from it as possible – is on schedule. Lucky femaleDr. Wu Yu is an important but short-lived figure. female Season 2 won’t be spent entirely in the Drum Kingdom, which means Curtis will have an easier time snagging cameos and stepping into her movie star schedule.

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