Zac Efron sparks concern by wearing sunglasses in ‘Today’ interview

As a press tour for The iron claw Keep going, the stars appeared in the Today program to talk about his new movie. But while Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson and Stanley Simons seemed normal, Zac Efron sparked concern among fans by wearing a pair of black sunglasses throughout the interview.

“Zac Efron is a legitimate, bonafide Hollywood superstar, but that’s not why he’s in the shadows right now,” host Craig Melvin said with a laugh as he introduced the iron claw actors.

Efron quickly apologized for his unusual choice of underwear. “No, I’m sorry, man,” Efron said. “I feel weird being in the shadows.”

As it turns out, the high school musical The student was not making a fashion statement. He was shielding his eyes from sight as he suffers from an infection.

“I just have a little infection in my eye,” Efron explained. “But I really wanted to be here. It’s such a good movie and I want to go see it and tell everyone about it.”

fans of the 17 again However, the star was hesitant to accept the reason why she wore sunglasses. “OMG, Zac wearing sunglasses indoors is not normal! He is not feeling well. He surely has eye problems,” wrote one fan on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Zac Efron wearing these sunglasses indoors will not dispel any of the rumors or concerns out there about him,” said another.

Zac Efron on his ‘jarring’ physical transformation for ‘The Iron Claw’

Wearing sunglasses indoors isn’t the first time Zac Efron has drawn attention since signing on to play legendary professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich in The iron claw. The physical transformation the actor went through for the role was so intense, in fact, that Zac Efron himself found it a bit shocking.

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“In the best way possible, he looked nothing like me. It was jarring at first, but we put it together piece by piece,” Efron said. The Hollywood Reporter in it iron claw premiere.

For Jeremy Allen White, who plays Kerry Von Erich, Efron’s body transformation to iron claw It was frustrating to witness. White affectionately criticized Efron for his “annoying” physique in a November interview with Variety.

“It’s so annoying,” he Bear the actor joked. “I had been training for months, lifting weights, doing this and that and eating more, and I showed up and saw it and thought, ‘What’s the point of this?’ Why am I trying?’”

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