You must have very sharp vision to spot the cougar hiding in the snowy landscape within 6 seconds!

Are you looking for a way to become smarter while still having fun? Lucky for you, we have an interesting solution for you. One of the most difficult and exciting mental challenges is solving optical illusions. These illusory puzzles challenge our brains and perceptions. When we experience an optical illusion, our brains adjust reality to match what we want to see. This is why optical illusion puzzles are the most fun and entertaining way to test your brain and observation skills. And today we have a cool optical illusion test ready for you to challenge your device.

Are you ready for it? Let’s start.

Optical Illusion – Detects a lurking cougar in 6 seconds

Source: hw photo and safari / Animal News Agency | Sun

In this optical illusion, you can see a snowy landscape. In addition to the snow and giant rocks, there is something else hidden in this picture. More precisely, there is a cougar hidden in this picture. Can you spot it in given time? As you probably already know, you only have 6 seconds to pass this optical illusion test.

This is a test of your visual perception. So make sure you look at this picture carefully if you want to solve this puzzle.

Are you for it? We hope you do, because your time begins now.

All the best!

The solution to this new optical illusion test is at the end of this article. However, we would like to ask you not to scroll straight to the answer. Try solving this puzzle yourself first. Don’t cheat.

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Here’s a royal optical illusion puzzle for you that only the super observant can solve.

This is:

Only the top 1% of geniuses can spot the animals lurking in Queen Elizabeth’s dress within 9 seconds! You can?

Did you spot a cougar?

If not, let us help you. We will give you a little advice. Read it carefully.

Optical illusion tip: The cougar can be found hiding somewhere under the rocks, in the center of the picture.

The clock is ticking! The countdown will start soon. Hurry up and find the hidden animal.



and 1.

Hot hoo!

Can you spot the hidden cougar in 6 seconds?

If you are, congratulations. You have a really sharp eye. Scroll down to see the solution to this optical illusion test.

Optical illusion solution

In this optical illusion test, you have to spot a cougar hiding in a snowy landscape in 6 seconds. If you can’t spot the lurking animal, look no further, here’s the solution.


Credits: The Sun

We hope you had fun solving this optical illusion problem with us. You can also try this:

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