World Sanskrit Day 2023: 13 Amazing Facts About Oldest Language Of The World

World Sanskrit Day 2023: The day celebrates Sanskrit, an ancient and sacred language, showcasing its rich literary heritage, spiritual texts, and scientific contributions.

Aug 31, 2023 07:30 IST

Happy World Sanskrit Day 2023

Happy World Sanskrit Day 2023

World Sanskrit Day 2023: World Sanskrit Day or Sanskrit Diwas is observed on August 31 annually. The day celebrates the importance and uniqueness of Sanskrit, the language of god. Sanskrit Day was first observed at the Central and State levels in 1969, under orders from the Indian Ministry of Education. It acts as a platform for Sanskrit students, poets, and writers to showcase their love for the language on a national and international scale.

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13 Amazing Facts About Sanskrit Language

  1. Sanskrit, an old Indo-Aryan language, with a documented history of nearly 3,500 years, is said to be the primary liturgical language of the Hindu culture. 
  2. Sanskrit has been written both in Devanāgarī script and in various regional scripts.
  3. It is the official state language of Uttarakhand.
  4. Sanskrit is recognized in the constitution of India as both a classical language and an official language and continues to be used in scholarly, literary, and technical media, as well as in periodicals, radio, television, and film.
  5. Many English words originated from Sanskrit.
  6. Sanskrit is similar to other early Indo-European languages such as Greek and Latin.

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  1. Sudharma is the first and only Sanskrit newspaper in the world that has been published since 1970.
  2. Sanskrit was the national language of India before the Arab invasion.
  3. People of Karnataka’s Mattur village still use Sanskrit as their main language.
  4. According to a study of Forbes Magazine, Sanskrit is one of the most computer-friendly languages.
  5. Germany is a country with around 14 universities offering Sanskrit courses. It seems people are loving Sanskrit.
  6. Sanskrit is the language with the largest vocabulary in the world. 
  7. Sanskrit has been an inspiration for Classical and Carnatic music of India.
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Sanskrit Diwas holds great cultural and linguistic significance in the world. The day advocates the promotion and preservation of Sanskrit as a language for a better understanding of Indian spiritual texts, philosophy, culture traditions etc. Also, the day makes sure that the legacy of age-old language remains for decades to come.

Happy World Sanskrit Day!!

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