Will There Ever Be An Interstellar 2? Here’s What We Know

Epic of Christopher Nolan among the stars Undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi movies of the past decade, but there will be a interstellar 2? Christopher Nolan is not a director known for making sequels.bar the dark Knight three seasons, Nolan has stuck with independent masterpieces throughout his filmmaking career, such as the excellent neoclassical suspense celebratepeerless begin And of course – among the stars.

However, despite Nolan’s tendency to avoid sequels, his films often leave audiences wanting more, such as among the stars. In spite of among the stars Providing a satisfying and emotional ending to the story, Matthew McConaughey’s Joseph Cooper is finally reunited with Murphy’s (Jessica Chastain/Ellen Burstyn) daughter, Nolan.

But how is it possible? interstellar 2 it will happen? Let’s look at the evidence.

interstellar space 2

EQUAL among the stars Fans will know that the film ends with the relatively elderly Cooper in his hospital bed reuniting with his much older daughter Murphy, who then urges him to return to the planet that is busy trying to colonize the planet. Edmonds planet. Brand Amelia (Anne Hathaway).last scene among the stars Cooper is seen stealing a spaceship with his robotic friend Tars (Bill Owen), then traveling through a wormhole to reunite with Amelia.

if interstellar 2 If that happens, the story could begin with Cooper and Amelia invading Edmonds’ planet and exploring the romance between them hinted at in the first film. among the starsThe sequel could go a spinoff route, focusing on Tom, Cooper’s son, who has a slightly underdeveloped personality. interstellar 2 It could even take the form of a prequel sequel, following astronauts Miller, Edmonds, and Mann as they first arrive on their planet. Either way, there are a lot of potential storylines interstellar 2 Can be tracked.

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Christopher Nolan doesn’t mention an interstellar sequel

Although there must be a among the stars A sequel and enough requests from Nolan fans to justify it, the director hasn’t spoken publicly about his possible plans. interstellar 2However, Nolan is notoriously tight-lipped about his future projects, but since he doesn’t have a sequel planned, he seems to be keeping quiet about a possible project. among the stars The sequel has nothing to do with secrets.

Interstellar 2 won’t happen… at least not yet

Cooper cried when he got a call from Murphy on 'Interstellar'

All things considered, it’s safe to say interstellar 2 That won’t happen anytime soon, and if it does, Christopher Nolan probably won’t take the helm. This is probably the best; among the stars is a great indie sci-fi novel and the sequel probably won’t be able to match or surpass it in quality.

On the positive side, though interstellar 2 It’s not happening, Christopher Nolan fans have his upcoming action thriller purpose looking forward.

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