Wicked Part 1 Will Now Release An Entire Month Earlier

Demons: Part 1 The release date has been updated, and the film is now slated for a Christmas 2024 release earlier than the previous release date. The film will be the first of two adaptations of the novel of the same name by Gregory Maguire, which explores the life of a wizard of Oz before the events of Oz. Wizard of Oz. sinister It rose to fame after being adapted into a musical theatrical play, which would serve as the basis for an upcoming film adaptation.

based on duration, Demons: Part 1 will be released earlier than expected, with a release date set for November 27, 2024. The film, starring Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo, was originally slated for a December 25 release. year 2024. Based on the new release date, it looks like the movie will instead arrive in time for Thanksgiving weekend next year.

manager john chu Also tweeted his excitement for the latest update, posting a picture sinisterOfficial logo on Twitter.Published on Demons: Part Two December 25, 2025 remains unchanged.

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And Demons: Part 1 Given the release date, it looks like the production behind the film will continue to go strong. Erivo will play Elphaba Thropp as the Wicked Witch of the West, having previously detailed the level of focus and commitment required to make it happen. With an expected release date a month earlier than previously expected, Erivo’s commitment to the project could mean it will be completed sooner than expected.

Demons: Part 1 will adapt the first half of Maguire’s The Wizard of Oz, featuring a talented cast who will bring El Faba’s story to life on screen. Grande will play the mighty Glinda, while the rest of the cast includes Michelle Yeoh as Lady Moribole and Jeff Goldblum as the Wizard of Oz. But also, crazy rich asian Director Jon M. Chu also takes the director position Demons: Part 1 And Demons: Part Two.

give popularity sinisterTheatrical adaptation remains, Demons: Part 1 There are a lot of expectations to be met, and the talented cast and crew seem capable of handling them. Despite the new release date, the film is still over a year away, which means there’s still plenty of time to reveal more details about it. However, less known Demons: Part 1It looks like the movie will be a faithful adaptation to capture the same feel as the original novel and musical.

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Source: Deadline, john chu/Twitter

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