Why George’s Death In Young Sheldon Season 7 Makes The Most Sense

George Sr. die in the upcoming season 7 Young Sheldon Perhaps unavoidable. Young Sheldon The show has been wildly successful since it aired in 2017 and was renewed for at least a seventh season by the CBS host network. While previous seasons of the show adopted a light-hearted, humorous approach to Coopers and Sheldon’s antics, seasons 5 and 6 took a more serious approach.

In the midst of Mary’s expulsion from the church, Georgie lies and then accidentally gets Mandy pregnant, and George Sr. job loss, this first family comedy had several twists and turns. Unfortunately, The Big Bang Theory Having prepared the Cooper family for the next few years, things couldn’t be easier. The death of George Sr. Young Sheldon aired for the first time, but now it looks like season 7 could be his last.

Young Sheldon’s timeline makes George’s death more likely in season 7

because The Big Bang theory, George Sr., as we all know, died when Sheldon was fourteen years old. While real-life actor Ian Armitage is 14 years old, the screenwriters of the hit prequel kept him closer to 12 years old in season 6. It’s clear they’re trying to delay telling the impossible story avoided about killing George Sr. will completely change the dynamics of the program. But season 7 will likely take place around the time of that event, as Sheldon will then be 14 years old, according to the original timeline.

Since Sheldon is currently twelve years old, the network faces casting problems as Ian Armitage ages. He’ll be 15 in 2023, which means the heavier storylines, such as George’s death, have lasted long enough that they can’t. Young Sheldon Cosmos, George has had heart problems for many years, and in To be determined. It’s unclear if he will die of a heart attack or alcohol-related problems, but the writers may only have one season left to find out how he died.

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Little Sheldon has to deal with one more plot before George dies

George and Brenda Surprised in 'Little Sheldon'

Another reason why his death is unlikely in the current season 6 is that the final plot must be resolved. In addition, with TBBT In the canon, Sheldon discovers that George cheated on him with another woman when he was 13, and his father died a year later. It’s probably safe to assume this woman will be Brenda, as their relationship has been the subject of much attention and teasing over the past few seasons. While Sheldon’s age hasn’t been explicitly announced in season 6, it’s possible that upcoming episodes will confirm an upcoming birthday to cement his 13th birthday before presenting the fraud scandal. George’s fraud.

Because CBS has not renewed Young Sheldon As for season 8, the sitcom may be coming to an end. If season 6 delves into George cheating, and Brenda and Sheldon catch them, season 7 will have a more serious tone. Season 7 may feature Mandy giving birth, but George Sr. Young Sheldon.

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