Why Belos Let Lilith Keep Her Palisman In The Owl House

exist owl houseHowever, Emperor Belos may have an ulterior motive for letting Lilith keep her amulet. ‘Any Movement in the Storm’ Episode Revealed Belos often collects and eats amulets from Emperor’s Coven recruits. However, Lilith Crowthorne still possessed a living Amulet of the White Crow after many years in the Emperor’s Pact. Lilith is allowed to keep her amulet, while the others are few, and that could be a reason.

Lilith’s amulet only appeared on her staff during season one, leading to the theory that it was immobile or artificial. This theory is supported by the fact that Emperor Belos and the Golden Guard used artificial sticks without an amulet. However, the episode “Elsewhere and Elsewhere” disproves that by showing Lilith’s amulet moving and flying in its life form.

It is unclear how Lilith’s amulet survived the event that Emperor Belos needed to eat the soul of the amulet, but it is possible that her amulet was part of Belos’ strategy for control. she. owl houseThe show’s villain, Emperor Bellos, is said to be manipulating those closest to him to ensure loyalty. Much of his manipulation is based on blatant lies, but he also uses strong pressure, usable reminders, and threats of physical violence to control his subordinates. me. He seems to be very good at this kind of manipulation, as many of his followers trust him completely until they discover his true intentions. The Bellows may have allowed Lilith to keep her amulet as part of a web of lies he used to keep her loyal to him and the covenant.

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How the Bellows used Lilith’s amulet to manipulate her

One of the biggest lies Lord Belos told Lilith was that he would help her cure her sister Ada’s curse. This lie is based on Lilith’s perception that Bellos truly cares for her and Ada’s interests. Considering the deep connection between witches and their amulets, it has now been deleted owl house, forcing Lilith away from her might make her question that perception. Bellows’ lie also implies that he will give Lilith and Ida special treatment, such as forgiving Ida’s crimes, instead of punishing her like most other criminals. Allowing Lilith to keep her amulet—and promising Ada she could keep her amulet—may be part of the special treatment his promise implies.

When Belos revealed in the episode “Young Blood, Old Souls” that he would not heal Eda’s wounds, he left Lilith the order to destroy Eda’s staff and amulet. Although Lilith’s betrayal of Belos was primarily to stop Ida’s petrification, the order seems to have special meaning, helping her to move in that direction. Belos can easily destroy his staff by eating Owlbert. He can also give it to someone who has no personal connection to it, such as his nephew Hunter. Instead, he would probably give the scepter to Lilith as a little test of loyalty so he could see how useful she would be after lying she was no longer serving the purpose. his spending. The destruction of her sister’s beloved amulet will force Lilith to choose the Imperial Council over her sister once and for all. The order can also pose a subtle threat to Lilith’s amulet – if she chooses to brutally destroy the Owl Burt, it’s not too much to believe that Belos will one day look forward to it. she will be separated from her amulet.

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“Young Blood, Old Soul” reveals that Matthew Rhys’ Emperor Bellos is willing to use Edda’s amulet to manipulate Lilith. This information suggests that he will also use Lilith’s amulet against her. Although he was not as hostile to Lilith’s amulet as he was to Ada, allowing her to keep it convinced Lilith that Bellos cared about her and that she held a special place in the Knights. Emperor’s Covenant. Belos needs to eat this much Palismen. owl househe may need Lilith’s loyalty more.

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