Who Is Lim Min-su From “Single’s Inferno” Season 2?

The second season of Single’s Inferno just aired on Netflix and has six episodes so far. The audience has been witnessing the dating candidates in heaven in recent episodes. This week, the popular reality TV dating show welcomed two new contestants, one of which is Lim Min-su, who competed in the Miss Korea 2020 pageant. Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 2 is different from Other dating shows have 12 single men on a deserted island hunting for their ideal mate. Contestants on the show are not allowed to reveal any personal information about themselves to each other – except for their names.

Singles can only use their charm and charisma to win the hearts of those they care about. If matched, they will go on a luxurious date in heaven and spend the night to get to know each other on a more intimate level. They can also share their age, occupation and other personal information in heaven.

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In Single’s Inferno Season 2, Lim Min-su creates drama by choosing to date Yoong-jae.

Lim Min-su, according to her Instagram page, competed in Miss Korea 2020 but did not win the title. On December 31, 2020, she posted on social media about the contest, saying:

“I will never forget 2020 when my wish comes true. I hope that next year will bring even more amazing experiences.”

Min-su is a model who considers herself an artist. Her Instagram profile currently has around 4k followers, but with her presence on Single’s Inferno Season 2, that number is sure to grow.

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In his introduction, the Netflix celebrity said:

“My personality is like an iron fist in a silk glove. People think of me as someone who smiles and behaves well. But if there’s something I want to achieve or believe I should do. , I’m a really proactive person. I actually prefer guys. So if I see someone I like, I’m the type of person who will follow them without looking anywhere else.”

She continued:

“There won’t be many people looking for me because I’m late. So I believe I should quickly find someone I like and go after them.”

Lim Min-su

According to the advertisement for next week’s episode, Min-su has fulfilled his promise to date Yoong-Jae. This creates a lot of drama as Yoong-Jae is chasing Choi Seo-eun, and the two seem to be very happy together. However, the teaser shows Yoong-Jae smiling and having a good time during his date with Min-su, which upset Seo-eun. As for what will happen, the audience will have to wait until next week, when two new episodes are broadcast.

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