Who Is Hakim Isler From “Race to Survive: Alaska”?

The first episode of Race to live: Alaska will air next week and will feature eight teams competing for survival off the coast of Alaska, facing extreme weather conditions, challenging terrain, and uncharted territory. break. 16 competitors will participate in the endurance program, who will fight in teams of two. Hakim Isler, seasoned survival expert and head of Elevo Dynamics, is one of the players that will appear in the upcoming show. According to his USA NNetwork bio:

“Hakim, 45, is a skilled veteran in psychiatric operations who owns a survival school where he teaches veterans with PTSD basic survival skills.”

The first season of Race to Survive: Alaska will air on Monday, April 3 at 11:00 PM ET.

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Race to Survive: Alaska contestant Hakim Isler has previously appeared on Naked & A Fear, Naked & A Fear XL, and Kicking & Screaming.

The war survivor and co-founder of Spirit Quest, a professional survival expert, will star in an upcoming survival reality TV show. Hakim is a soldier who served in Iraq, according to his profile on Race to Survive: Alaska. He served as a psychological operations sergeant in the Army Special Operations Forces during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Hakim is the co-founder of The DOJY of Elevo Dynamics, a martial arts and 24-hour school. He has over a decade of expertise and an additional 15 years in the “security field”, according to a resume that summarizes his experience:

“Hakim is an Iraq veteran and former member of the Army’s Special Operations Community, where he received Arabic training, survival training, evasion training, paratrooper training, and paratrooper training. create another major.”

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Future USA Network competitor holds a 5th degree black belt in To-Shin Do and has studied with the Black Belt Hall of Famer and author Stephen K. Hayes. He also has a level 1 black belt in Manog, FCS Kali and a level 1 black belt in Tiger Kali. He has previously been featured on Discovery Channel’s Naked & A Fear, Naked & A Fear XL, and Fox’s Kicking & Screaming, according to his website. He appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2019 and showed off his survival skills using household items.

When asked why “moms” need survival skills, the prospective Race to Survive: Alaska contestant said that “survival is a hot topic in today’s world.”

“There are disasters right in your backyard; there are also fires, blizzards, and floods, so everyone has to at least know the basics.”

Hakim Island

He added that mothers always carry emergency gear with them and use children’s backpacks to demonstrate this. He also noted that children’s backpacks have drinks, food, first aid kits and sunscreen. One competitor noted that baby bags can contain things that people often overlook, such as hand sanitizer, and added:

“Tay San has a high alcohol content; you can use it to light a fire or make a small tin oven if you need to.”

Hakim added that the diaper itself can be used as a cloth to stop bleeding as well as a bandage.

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