Who are Josh Alexander’s parents? All about Matt and Nicole Alexander

Josh Alexander is a Canadian teenager from St. Joseph Catholic High School who gained fame for protesting a policy that allows transgender girls to use women’s restrooms. “My problem was not with individual students,” Alexander said. EWTN. “I have a problem with the system that will encourage this form of misconduct.”

Josh claims that his parents were fired from their jobs because of his actions.

Josh Alexander claims that his parents, Matt and Nicole Alexander, were suspended by the Renfrew County District School Board due to their actions. On May 7, 2023, Josh tweeted:

“I have been informed that both my mother and father have been suspended and removed from the classroom. My parents are under attack simply for raising me. They couldn’t get to me, so they attacked my family.”

The next day, Josh protested his parents’ suspension even more. “But now they mess with my family? pathetic tyrants”, Josh tweeted. He said that he would bear the consequences of his actions, but that he would not tolerate what he perceived to be an attack on his family.

Matt and Nicole were placed on furlough and under investigation for allegedly violating their equity and inclusion policies. Nicole, a kindergarten teacher, was suspended after removing a Gay Pride flag posted on her classroom door without her permission.

They told her that they were investigating her to protect the children. Matt, a 7th and 8th grade teacher, was fired without cause. Nicole and Matt were not informed about the nature or duration of their suspensions.

“I really wish I was the one facing those consequences,” Josh said. Media. “I keep fighting and that [two arrests] won’t discourage me. It’s wrong that my family has to pay the price. The consequences have been quite significant up to this point.”

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Josh plans to file a human rights lawsuit for violation of his religious freedom. “There are a lot of people who hate me, but at the same time, I don’t really care. I did what I think was right, what was right before God, so at the end of the day I’m happy with it,” he said.

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