Who Are Jerrod & Sharia Washington? Meet Jett Washington Parents: Family Details

Jerrod and Sharia Washington, Jett Washington’s parents, have a background in sports. It remains to be seen whether Jett will follow in the footsteps of his father or his famous uncle, Kobe Bryant. Jett recently made news as he scored 33 points for his Bishop Gorman High team against San Francisco Riordan. Many people therefore believe that he can carry on his uncle’s legacy.

Sharia Jett, Jett’s mother, is the older sister of the late NBA legend. Sharia got a commemorative tattoo of a black Mamba snake wrapped around the numbers two and 24, which were Gianna and Kobe’s basketball uniform numbers when Kobe died. Although Jett is best known for his basketball skills, he is also an excellent soccer player. The Bishop Gorman wide receiver received a four-star rating from 247Sports.

Meet Jett Washington’s parents Jerrod and Sharia Washington

Jerrod and Sharia Washington, parents of Jett Washington, passed their athletic genes on to their only son. The family now lives in Las Vegas. Sharia Washington, Jett’s mother and Kobe Bryant’s older sister, graduated from Temple University and is a former volleyball player. She has 20 years of coaching experience and is a former NCAA Division One athlete. Sharia previously coached volleyball at Faith Lutheran High School and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. Until last year, Sharia was director of sales and partnerships for sportswear at SUN50.

She gave up that role last February, although she still works as a fitness trainer at PRSVR. Sharia previously worked as a fitness trainer at The Camp Transformation Center. Sharia and her sister Shaya released a joint statement following Kobe’s death. The NBA legend’s sisters said his death “devastated” them and ruined their lives forever. The sisters also urged Kobe’s supporters to donate to the Mamba Sports Foundation. Sharia also posted previously unseen family pictures of Kobe with his sisters on several websites.

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Jerrod Washington, Jett Washington’s father, is a businessman

Jerrod Washington, father of Jett Washington, played four years of NCAA football at the University of Virginia. He was a running back with 1,651 yards and 10 touchdowns. He earned a BA in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Virginia in 1993. Jerrod joined Kobe Family Entertainment as Executive Vice President in 1997 after marrying Sharia.

He began working as a Casino Host at Silverton Casino in 2005. Jerrod started his first company, Hauls, and served as Digital Brand Manager a decade later. He held this position for three years before joining Freebird Payment Solutions as Chief Partner Director. In 2018, he co-founded Brandyay, a charming on-demand clothing company. Jerrod focused on his second company, Zhoosh, after working on Branday for three years. One of Kobe’s statements can be seen on Jerrod’s Instagram account. He once said, “Dedication makes dreams come true.”

Tayah and Sydney Washington, Jett Washington Sisters

Tayah and Sydney Washington are Jett Washington’s two older sisters. Sydney, like his older sister Jett, leads an active and sporty lifestyle. Sydney graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in Psychology. Sydney’s personal Instagram account is secret, but she has been sharing bits and pieces of her daily life on her other Instagram account.

Sydney followed in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a fitness trainer. She posted customer testimonials on Instagram and helped them achieve their ideal body. Sydney also prioritizes mental health and has released films about how her faith and religious views have enabled her to live a more fulfilling life. She recently posted a video of herself taking notes, noting, “A foundation rooted in Christ helps me sleep at night and brings me joy in the morning.” “Peace of mind = prayer.”

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Tayah Washington, Jett’s second older sister, graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She previously worked as a summer league intern for the NBA and as an operations coordinator for the NBPA on the side. Tayah is now employed by the Las Vegas Raiders as a Gameday Corporate Partnerships Activation Representative. Tayah decided to keep her Instagram username a secret.

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