Which of these numbers do not belong to a group? Solve this viral challenge in 5 seconds

Hector Honores Molina 28.04.2023 23:13. m.

The next challenge is not very easy to solve. in this virus challenge You will have to prove that you have more intellectual capacity than thousands of Internet users. There are a few people who have tried to solve this test, and very few have succeeded. Are you ready? Just answer which of the numbers appearing in the box does not belong to any group.

The following numbers are shown in the figure: 32, 64, 81 and 144. Now, our task in this viral challenge is to determine which sequence or pattern is used to determine the commonality of the virus. all numbers. Good observation and careful analysis.

After a few seconds you may have the answer, don’t worry if you fail because we will give you the answer right away. Just look at the picture we will leave in the lines below

The image of the challenge goes viral

There is a number in the equation that does not belong in the box. Can you identify which one it is?| Photo: Fresherlive

The solution to the viral challenge

The unboxed number is 32, because the other numbers are the product of the square of the power of the second number. Here are examples: 8×8=64, 12×12=144, 9×9=81. So the number that does not belong is 32.

We show you the answer to this complex viral challenge.  The number that does not belong is 32.|  Photo: FresherliveWe show you the answer to this complex viral challenge. The number that does not belong is 32.| Photo: Fresherlive

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