When is Halloween 2023: Check the exact date, importance and how to celebrate it

Halloween 2023. Date: Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated in various nations on the eve of All Saints, the Western Christian holiday. Saints or pious individuals were called “saints” in England, hence the term “All Saints’ Day”. The evening or “e’en” preceding the holiday became known as “All Hallows’ Eve” or, even shorter, “Halloween”. It begins with the Solemn Feast, a period in the liturgical year dedicated to the veneration of the deceased, especially saints, martyrs and all deceased believers.

Popular in Ireland and Scotland for centuries, Irish and Scottish immigrants brought many Halloween customs to North America in the nineteenth century, and by the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, Halloween festivities had spread to other American-influenced countries.

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This article will help you with all the information about the spooky festival of the year.

When is Halloween 2023?

Halloween falls before the Western Christian holiday of All Saints and sets up the three-day season of Allhallowtide, culminating in All Souls’ Day. As a result, Halloween is always celebrated on October 31st.

While most of us want it to fall on the weekend, this year Halloween falls at the beginning of the week, on a Tuesday. As a result, you should prepare your costume as soon as possible.

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What is the origin of Halloween?

Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The Celts believed that on the night before Samhain, the line between the living and the dead became blurred, allowing the spirits to return to Earth. People lit bonfires and dressed in animal skin costumes to ward off these spirits. As Christianity spread, the holiday evolved into All Saints’ Day (or All Saints’ Day), which is celebrated on November 1. And the night before, October 31, became known as All Saints’ Eve, which was later shortened to Halloween.

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In the nineteenth century, Irish and Scottish immigrants brought Halloween to North America, where it adapted elements of Native American and other immigrant traditions. Over time, it evolved into the modern festival of costumes, candy and terrifying fun that we know today.

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Upcoming Halloween Date 2024, 2025 and 2026

Every year, the Halloween festival falls on the same day. Although the day of the week it falls on varies from year to year. You have the opportunity to plan your vacation in advance with the table below:



in 2024


in 2025


in 2026


in 2027


in 2028






Today’s celebration of Halloween describes it as a non-religious festival. Trick or treating, attending Halloween masquerade parties, cutting pumpkins or turnips into lanterns, lighting bonfires, throwing apples, fortune-telling games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, and watching horror or Halloween-themed movies are some of the popular ways to celebrate Halloween.

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Happy Halloween!!

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