What Is TikTok’s AI Manga Ghost Trend & How Can You Participate?

For individuals interested in paranormal investigations, TikTok’s new AI Manga Ghost trend might interest them. Cameras often capture weird things. From floating spheres to disturbing shadows, people question whether they are a sign of something outside of this life. Now, new technology pushes those theories further.

Since TikTok implemented the AI ​​Manga filter for more users, new viral trends are emerging, such as the AI ​​Manga Ghost trend. The task is very simple. The user decides to do a so-called ghost hunt by pointing the camera at a room instead of a person. This is when something really scary happens: the AI ​​creates an image with a caricature character in it, even when there’s no one in the frame. Users believe that the AI ​​Manga has captured the presence and the result is an eerie image of the soul. This phenomenon has attracted so much attention that Page For You looks like a season The anomalous phenomenon was recorded by the camera.

Join Tik Tok Manga Ghost Trend

Ready to start your paranormal investigation and join the spooky AI Manga team? Start by opening the app and start a new recording. click ‘Function‘The icon to the left of the record and search buttons’artificial intelligence comics.’ to find the filter and activate it to start hunting ghosts.

Use the main camera to capture empty areas of the room. Whitespace is important because if a live person is captured in the snapshot, the filter will focus on them and create a render. Touch the screen to start the process and record the resulting image. If the AI ​​catches anything in that void, TikTok will draw a character that matches its supposed soul and location. Try out the filter in multiple locations to get some more amazing results.

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Jessica, a TikTok creator whose video has more than 9.9 million views, captured the alleged spirit twice in the same area using her filter. She was clearly confused when the manga character looked at her a second time. Although the results may seem unsettling, it’s all fun and games… isn’t it?

There are many reasons why AI might edit cartoons, even if there’s no one on camera to refer to. TikTok specifically trained these AIs to take anything that looks like a human and decided to use that as its base model. Developers could use this as an opportunity to make life-detection filters more accurate, but what’s so exciting about that? However, it is unlikely that the TikTok AI Manga filter will be added to paranormal investigators’ equipment list.

Source: TikTok qu33nzzz/TikTok

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