What is Hurricane Volt?

Hurricane Volt is considered a major threat to US infrastructure as an electrical storm. Let’s learn it better.

Hackers are used in almost every country in the world to gather intelligence. The United States and Russia use intelligence groups, such as Fancy Bear and the Equation Group.

Just Wednesday, Microsoft Corp said Volt Typhon “is pursuing the development of capabilities that could disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and the Asian region during future crises. ” This statement immediately raised concerns about tensions between China and the US over the Taiwan issue. Conflict between China and the US could lead to cyberattacks across the Pacific.

What exactly is a Volt storm?

Volt Typhoon is actually an alleged hacker group. The group is believed to be backed by China. The Volt Typhoon is said to possess intelligence gathering capabilities as well as digital sabotage.

The question is whether the Volt Typhoon is really a serious threat to US infrastructure or is it just a new group of digital espionage.

Other hacker groups

Some other hacker groups in the world are:

hacking groupNation
Class bearRussia
Türkiye (APT34)Iran
A group of equationsCURRENTLY
Lazarus GroupNorth Korea
APT29 (Cozy Bear)Russia
Comment Group (APT1)China

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