War Robots MOD APK (Menu, Speed Multiplier/Unlimited Rockets) 8.8.9

War Robots MOD APK Info

Skip the check when the game starts by

  1. Download the game from the Play Store
  2. After downloading a few percent, cancel the download
  3. Install APK and enjoy

menu mode

  1. speed multiplier // increase movement speed
  2. Set jump height // increase jump distance
  3. Zero Gravity // Remove Gravity
  4. bot not firing // bot controlled by bot not firing

War Robots is an action game that meets PIXONIC’s highest quality standards. Robots are the main fighters in this mortal battle. You and 5 other teammates will try to destroy the opponent with the weapons you have available. War Robots MOD is where battles as giants take place, and players need to get used to its thrills. As the commander, you need to control the robots according to specific tactics. Danger is everywhere, so always work with your team for the best results. Eliminate all opponents when you discover their position. With that in mind, you shouldn’t waste bullets without aiming properly.

Bring the fighting style from the blockbuster movies. Confident in image quality and graphics, War Robots consistently scores high. However, weak configuration devices have little effect. Even Android 4.1 is easy to set up and super fast to play. Prepare about 800Mb of available memory for the best performance of the game processing system. Now, ignoring some configuration requirements for a moment, we will explore what cheats War Robots has? Is it worth adding to your list of favorite games. Heroes Strike is fun to fight with teammates and there are two versions to choose from. In addition, Ultraman: The Legend of Heroes draws players into an impressive range of basic fighting styles.

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DOWNLOAD War Robots MOD – War of Warriors

War Robots with PvP mode consists of 6 players per team. Players need to determine the tactics of the whole team. Members are always most productive when they work together. In the first few levels, you will practice using basic actions such as moving, attacking or looking for an opponent. No big deal at these levels, with good aim and quick kills. Take advantage of new levels for new players to improve their skills. War robot games don’t let you make any mistake when entering the real battle. Players can pay with their lives if tactical calculations are incorrect. To experience all the features of the game, you need to reach level 20. That is also a way for players to always have big surprises from War Robots.

  • Dead Effect 2 – Fight hideous monsters and don’t let your weapons drop if you don’t want to lose your life.

Choose the robot you want

With over 50 different robots, picking a few warriors to fight is easy. In addition to having Au (gold) or Ag (silver), some robots require you to reach the corresponding level to have them. Let’s start with famous fighters like Cossack, Destrier, Gepard, Gl Patton, Gareth, Stalker, Jesse. Once you’ve got a really good combat experience, swipe right to see really powerful warriors. Falcon, Aojun, Thor, Mercury, Hades, Ares, and Bastion are all mechs that many players crave. The difference between the robots is speed, power. In addition, each robot has a nickname, which represents the main ability, such as support, fortress mode, diving into hell, repair mode, hunting, invasion…

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war robot mod

reinforced road

Indispensable support in battle. Fortified chests are one of them and players can open them to get money or useful items. In each tournament, you will receive a corresponding enhancement chest. Of course, the rewards are proportional to the difficulty of each challenge.

become a premium player

If you upgrade to Premium you will get special features like double speed, +50% Ag per battle, +50 XP per battle. In my opinion, some of these incentives are not necessary for the money. Download War Robots android hack and you can do all the tasks well.

Other functions

War Robots also offers players many other features, such as tournaments, clans and events. You will unlock these sections when you reach levels 5, 15, and 19. If you want to check your achievements in detail, the stats of the last 50 battles will show your achievements.

Download the War Robot mod

Allows players to switch robots in battle, reversing the game at any time. However, War Robots has a large map with models of plateaus, big cities… Traveling is always fun. Download War Robots MOD APK to start the war and fight with all your teammates here.

New to War Robots?

– Add new map FACTORY. – New modules: Titan Accelerator, Jump Unit. – Added new robot: Scorpion. – Act among thousands of stars, complete missions and get rewards.

Download War Robots MOD APK for Android (Menu, Speed ​​Multiplier/Infinite Rocket)

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