Vampire Survivors: How to Get (& Evolve) Night Sword

After unlocking Megalo Syuuto or finding the Night Sword atop Mount Moonspell, the player must find a specific mask to evolve it into Muramasa.

Nightsword is a dangerous and cursed weapon, a powerful sword introduces The Legacy of the Moon Curse DLC Vampire Survivor. The wielder of this sword tore through nearby enemies with a flurry of slashes and can strike back six times within the AoE radius around the user. Additionally, the Night Sword will most likely drain consumable health from enemies to heal its wielder. This ability depends on the luck of the player character, as the luckier the player, the more hearts recover after killing the enemy.

take the night sword Vampire Survivor, the player must go to the northern peak of Mt. Moonspell, above the dojo where Miang Moonspell’s coffin was found. Along the way, adventurers encounter many enemies, including trolls living in caves. A temple is located near the top of Moonspell, protected by a large buried skeleton. To reach the temple, the player must follow a dirt path marked with a torii gate, avoiding the main road into the troll cave.

How to unlock Nightblade location in Vampire Survivor

Stone Masks in Vampire Survivors

According to Youtuber Hold To Reset, players do not need to enter Vampire Survivor。 All they have to do is pick it up and walk away to permanently unlock it for later runs. Once an adventurer had acquired this deadly sword, the journey down the mountain would be a little easier. Alternatively, the player can indirectly obtain the Night Sword by unlocking Syuuto’s more powerful form, Megalo Syuuto Moonspell. Megalo Syuuto was born with inherent attributes superior to Syuuto and used the Night Sword as his target. Vampire SurvivorFor reference, the player can unlock Syuuto by evolving through four seasons, and Megalo Syuuto becomes available after the player kills 100,000 enemies in a single run with Syuuto.

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The Evolution of the Night Sword Vampire Survivor It’s Muramasa, which has stronger base damage and is more likely to suck hearts from killed enemies. In addition, this Demon Blade can deliver a critical hit with a deadly combo. However, Muramasa’s supernatural powers come at the expense of permanently draining the user’s HP, which can be counterproductive if the player has a high self-healing Luck. Evolve Night Sword into Muramasa Vampire Survivor, the player must obtain the Stone Mask and upgrade to the highest level. You can reach the Stone Mask through the forest east of the Temple of the Dark Sword on Mount Moonspell. For convenience, the mask can be brought directly to the player character’s location using the Mad Groove Arcana.

Source: YouTube / Long press to reset

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