Tristan Thompson Was Granted Temporary Guardianship of Younger Brother Amari Following Their Mother’s Sudden Death

Tristan Thompson has been granted temporary guardianship of his younger brother Amari.

Several weeks ago, the 32-year-old NBA player filed for guardianship of his 17-year-old brother, who is unable to care for himself due to physical and mental disabilities, following the sudden death of their mother Andrea in January 2023.

During a court hearing on Wednesday (September 20), Tristan was granted temporary guardianship of Amari, according to TMZ.

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Tristan was not present in court during the hearing, but his attorney spoke on his behalf via Zoom.

No one contested Tristan’s submission, including Amari’s father, who Tristan claims has been absent his entire life and is reportedly missing.

In addition to covering Amari’s medical requirements and daily needs, Tristan will also oversee the inheritance she will receive from her late mother, which is reportedly in excess of $100,000. His inheritance is not yet available for his disbursement.

The Kardashians Viewers first met Amari earlier this year, when Khloe Kardashian had him and Tristan move into her house after her mother’s death. It’s unclear if they still live with Khloe.

If you missed it, Khloe recently legally changed her and Tristan’s 13-month-old son Tatum’s names.

A hearing on Tristan’s receipt of permanent guardianship of Amari is scheduled for November.

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