Travis Kelce talks ‘special’ romance with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce must be feeling on Cloud Nine right now. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end just won the Super Bowl (back-to-back wins) and is also dating Taylor Swift, the biggest name in music.

In a radio interview before Super Bowl LVIII, Kelce explained the difficulties of balancing different aspects of his life. Kelce wants to separate gossip about her private life from her work in the field. When she’s in soccer mode, that’s all she wants to focus on.

“Well, the most important thing for me is… I never want people in the building to get the idea that I’m not focused on the game, that I’m not focused on doing my best in football and that I’m not focused throughout”. and all my attention to my craft and making sure I’m responsible in the most important game of our lives,” Kelce said.

However, Kelce recognizes why fans are interested in their relationship. She says she has something special with Swift so she understands the public intrigue.

“That being said, you know, I have a cautious approach to this,” he explained. “But at the same time, I know that what Taylor and I have is special, so I understand [the interest].”

Travis Kelce is grateful to the fans

Kelce is also grateful that his relationship with Swift can help introduce football to a new legion of fans. Two worlds collided, making the last Super Bowl the most watched in history with 123.4 million viewers.

“I’m very aware,” Kelce said. “And obviously, this is mainly because Taylor is in my life now and we have her [to be] “She’s part of Chiefs Kingdom and sure enough, that brought a whole entourage of human beings who love to support her and love to support everything she stands for.”

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After the Super Bowl, Kelce and Swift shared a much-publicized hug. After the win, Kelce thanked Swift for all the support she gave him.

“Thank you for coming,” Kelce said. “Thank you for reaching the other side of the world. You are the best baby. The absolute best.”

He also cheekily asked himself, “How come you’re not jet-lagged right now?” She responded, “Jet lag is a choice.” Kelce explained that it has been a fun journey.

“It’s been nothing but fun,” he told CBS Sports. “We have both been learning about this lifestyle, knowing that I brought her into the world of football. It has been an unexpected trip with which I have had a great time.”

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