Travis Kelce Has a Crazy Idea for His Super Bowl Beard Ornaments

What most men let down the bathroom drain, famously bearded Super Bowl star Travis Kelce wants to keep for his fans. In the last episode of new heights On the podcast, the three-time NFL champion dropped a hilarious bombshell: his ingenious plan to immortalize his beard trims after his first post-Super Bowl shave.

Expressing his thoughts to his brother and co-host Jason Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star openly reflected on his intentions for his facial hair. Unsure, he admitted not knowing what to do with the facial hair ornaments that are normally discarded.

When the elder Kelce proposed the idea of ​​his younger brother shaving and collecting his beard ornaments for a charity auction, Travis Kelce seemed excited and responded, “That’s fun.” However, it looks like Travis Kelce might be attached to his Super Bowl beard. “Maybe I want to keep this,” he thought out loud.

Travis Kelce Admits He Might Keep Super Bowl Beard Ornaments

However, Kelce, feeling a touch of sentimentality, confessed that he would really miss his postseason mane. She had shared with her podcast audience that she had started growing it out before Christmas 2023, for the usual sporting superstitions.

“I told SVP [ESPN broadcaster Scott Van Pelt] I don’t know what I’m going to do with this thing. “I could just shave it and put it in a Ziploc bag and put it in with all my other Super Bowl memorabilia,” Travis Kelce explained. He added: “Sometimes you just have to work for things. You have to enjoy the journey. “You don’t care what you look like, you don’t care how you present yourself, you just show up and try hard.”

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Jason Kelce, known for his occasional public bender before (and after) the Super Bowl, jokingly asked if Travis was referring to him. “No, don’t try to take the shine out of my beard right now,” Travis. he replied he.

In a thrilling matchup on Sunday, the Chiefs emerged victorious with a thrilling 25-22 comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Maybe Travis feels like he owes his close Super Bowl victory to his beard.

During football season, Travis has sported various facial hair styles, ranging from a clean-shaven look to a stylish mustache and even a stylish goatee. However, it was his glorious beard that graced Travis Kelce’s face during his Super Bowl victory.

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