This One Ahsoka Detail Makes Sabine’s Star Wars Story Even More Tragic


  • Sabine is absent The Mandalorian It’s a mystery, especially given her rich Mandalorian history and her previous efforts to help her people.
  • Her loneliness is highlighted by her choice to remain on Lothal rather than return to Mandalore, despite the events that occurred there.
  • Sabine is desperate to save Ezra as she becomes increasingly isolated and believes he is the only person she can truly rely on.

reveals a key detail Ahsoka Story by Sabine Wren who produced Natasha Liu Bordizzo Star Wars Even more tragic.Although her journey is Ahsoka Sabine’s Mandalorian family is very focused on her identity as a Jedi and has been an important part of her since her debut in the anime star wars rebels series. Sabine has always had a rich Mandalorian history as a member of important clans and the more legendary houses (Clan Wren and House Vizsla), not only wielding the Darksaber but helping to lead her people away from the Empire’s bondage. Beside Bo-Katan Kryze.

That’s why Sabine is absent The Mandalorian Seems to be a mystery so far, especially regarding the effort to retake Mandalore The Mandalorian third episode.Sabine never shied away from helping people when they needed help because rebels She is even seen staying with her family in the world for a while until she visits her ghost Families of the crew sought further assistance.Now, one Ahsoka The details reveal not only why this is, but also how it makes Sabine’s story all the more tragic.

Ahsoka’s place in the Star Wars timeline makes Sabine even more lonely

opening scene Ahsoka Episode seven officially reveals its place in the timeline by having Captain Carson Teva mention the events that took place on Mandalore. The Mandalorian third episode.Still, Sabine begins her Ahsoka The story of Lothar, whose Mandalorian armor was housed in the secluded tower where Ezra Bridger himself once lived. The arrangement of this timeline only emphasizes Sabine’s loneliness, because it means that she actively chose not to return home to Mandalore, but to remain isolated on Lothal. To make matters worse, she learned of her family’s fate during the Great Purge on Mandalore, and the fact that Ahsoka had left her and all her dear friends. rebels Already moved on.

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Sabine’s isolation explains why she’s so desperate to save Ezra

Sabine Finds Ezra on Ahsoka Episode 6

At this point, Sabine is lonelier than ever, with all of her family and friends having left her in some capacity.Considering Ezra’s lonely childhood before meeting God ghost Crew, Sabine knew he would understand, which was why she was so eager to reunite with him. Sabine may also feel that Ezra is the one person she can truly get back to, since her family is long gone and her friends are too entrenched in their new roles to ever be able to return to her. Ezra is still there, so Sabine focuses on finding him, but that only makes her more isolated.

The exact timeline of Sabine’s training with Ahsoka remains unknown, but it means her isolation has been going on for at least a few years Ahsoka start.This is a devastating detail in Sabine’s story, because Sabine rebels Likely ready to help Bo-Katan retake Mandalore again and take revenge on the Empire for killing her family. Instead, it leaves Sabine trapped in loneliness, which makes her desperate to work with her enemies to provide her with the one person she believes can make up for it all.This makes Sabine’s growth Ahsoka What makes more sense is that she sacrificed her chance to return home with Ezra in favor of isolating herself in Peridia with her master.

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