‘This is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Responds to Fans Heartbroken Over His Marriage

Milo Ventimiglia is a married man and some fans can’t stand the fact that he is off the market.

He We are The star secretly married model Jarah Mariano in a small beachside ceremony early last year. It was not until the end of October that the media learned of the holy marriage. So, as the newlyweds approach their one-year anniversary, fans are still processing the information.

Ventimiglia visited Jimmy Kimmel live to promote his next movie land of bad guyswhich hits theaters on February 16. But marriage was the first thing Kimmel mentioned after Ventimiglia took the stage.

“Congratulations. I know you got married since the last time I saw you,” Kimmel encouraged.

The actor smiled and said he was “very happy” to be with such a “wonderful woman.”

Kimmel went on to say that there are many fans who were devastated to hear that Milo Ventimiglia settled down with the lucky lady. The 46-year-old had been Hollywood’s dream man since he played Jess on Gilmore Girls.

“I’m sure there are some broken hearts… from men and women,” Ventimiglia laughed.

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Kimmel paused to say there are “more than a few.” Then he took a stack of cards containing fan reactions and said, “we had to cut a lot of things down.”

Fans Ask ‘What’s the Point’ After Hearing Milo Ventimiglia Is Married?

“No one talks to me. “I am in mourning,” one card said. “Milo Ventimigilia just got married and he didn’t go with me.”

“I just found out that the love of my life (Milo Ventimiglia) married someone other than me (we’ve never met), so brb, I’ll be jumping from high things,” said another.

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A third fan asked “What’s the point?” after finding out about the holy matrimony.

The star stopped Kimmel to say, “The point is, there are a lot of Milo Ventimiglias out there.”

The favorite social media post said that because the actor is married, a fan is “biting the metal bars of [their enclosure].”

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but notice that his wife’s last name is the same as his. Gilmore Girls person. He thought it was a fitting coincidence. Ventimiglia admitted that at first the “connection” was lost.

“It’s a very easy connection to make,” Ventimiglia shared. “I think once people started knowing his name in relation to my name and my name in relation to his name, I thought, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right, that used to be my name.'”

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