This is how Prince Harry supposedly reacts to the final season of ‘The Crown’ with the death of his mother, Princess Diana

There are new reports about Prince Harry and his reaction to the The crown.

The hit Netflix royal series is about to premiere its sixth and final season, largely focusing on the final moments of her mother, Princess Diana, before her untimely death.

The 39-year-old royal has reportedly “distanced himself” from the claim that he would watch the final season.

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A source close to the Duke of Sussex said Deadline that it would not air the final season due to the “sensitive nature” of its content.

However, the outlet notes that Prince Harry has no bad feelings towards The crownfrom the creators or Netflix about the direction of season 6. He was not consulted about the show and did not have an advanced view of the episodes, according to the report.

The report arrives later The Daily Telegraph claimed that Prince Harry would be tuning in, having watched previous seasons of The crown.

Prince Harry admitted to having watched the series in the past.

The first reviews for season 6 are now available and they may not be what you expected.

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