Things you should know about Fernanda Serrano, girlfriend of Santiago Giménez

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Although there are two days left until the end of the Eredivisie, the championship of the Dutch league, FeyenoordRotterdam He was crowned champion on May 14, 2023 after beating Go Ahead Eagles 3-0 at Feijenoord Stadium, celebrating the title at home, which caused an uproar among his fans, including Fernanda Serrano, the player’s girlfriend Santiago Gimenez, who scored the second goal. Taking advantage of the girl’s presence, the journalist interviewed her, but insulted her during the conversation.

What happened? The girl told an ESPN reporter when she came to watch a game of the team her partner played for Ajax wearing a Feyenoord jersey.. Obviously, there would be nothing wrong with the match not being played on the opponent’s field, which is forbidden by the classic passion generated between both teams. Listen to this, the journalist told him: “You’re so stupid”making them both laugh and they continued talking.

What the sports reporter pointed out did not go unnoticed on social media, where they questioned his attitude; Despite everything, Serrano – after what his interview said – continued to narrate what happened as completely normal. Therefore, many people want to know who the girl who conquered football player Giménez is.

The freshness, spontaneity and genuine emotion conveyed by Fernanda Serrano, girlfriend of ‘Santi’ Giménez, who scores when asked “are you stupid?”, when asked by reporters from #ESPN. ️⚽️🎙️ #Glasnogovornik #telling stories #Emotions #Football #Sports

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  • Birth name: Maria Fernanda Serrano Coto
  • Better known as: Fer Serrano
  • Place of birth: Mexico City
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Birthday: November 18
  • Year of Birth: in 1997
  • Year old: 25 years
  • Instagram: @ferserranoc
  • Twitter:
  • TikTok: @ferserranoco
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Fernanda Serrano is an actress and presenter who is the girlfriend of Feyenoord player Santiago Giménez. He has dual citizenship: Mexican and Spanish. She is very active on her social networks.

She is very active on her social media (Image: Fernanda Serrano/Instagram)


From the age of 4, he began to practice tennis, a sport he was passionate about and it seemed that he would devote himself to it professionally; But his life changed when he completely entered the art world.

4. Debuting as an actress like a girl

At the age of 7, Fer Serrano made her debut as an actress in the Mexican soap opera “La esposa joven”, as well as the children’s soap opera “Pablo y Andrea”. Two years later, in 2007, she appeared in “Woman, Real Cases”. In 2010, he joined the cast of the film “Rock Marí”.


Convinced of what she wants, Serrano decided to train as an actress in Los Angeles, so among other academies he entered the New York Film Academy. At the same time he is in high school.

The girl sighed heavily with the photos and videos she posted on social networks (Image: Fernanda Serrano/Instagram)The girl sighed heavily with the photos and videos she posted on social networks (Image: Fernanda Serrano/Instagram)


In 2016, the young girl was invited to host an entertainment TV show of Argentine origin for Disney Channel Latin America called pajamas Party. She was accompanied by Dani Martins and Nicole Luis.

7. TEACHING, Dancing, and Singing

During my time in Argentina, recorded a new musical series “Kally’s MashUp”where he not only acts but also sings and dances.

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Fernanda Serrano met Santiago Giménez thanks to the video game Call of Duty: Warzone. “I have a very special story with my girlfriend, it’s hard to understand, but I met her through Play, through Warzone. We played online, I knew her on Instagram but didn’t meet her in person and I saw her play so I invited her to join. play with me. She accepted my friend request, we started playing online, we didn’t see each other for about a month, we just listened to each other, until one day I asked her out,” the player football told GQ after dynamic.

@cabrafutbol El Bebote has the best RIZZ in CONCACAF? 😏🇲🇽 #futbolmexicano #seleccionmexicana #miseleccionmx #santigimenez #feyenoord ♬ original audio – GOAT Soccer


He was June 14, 2020 that the athlete confirmed his relationship with Fer. At the time, Giménez was playing for Cruz Azul. Since then, they have not hesitated to post photos and videos on social networks to shout out their love with the four directions.


Fer Serrano and Santiago Giménez loved each other so much that on the day the young girl decided to propose to them, he also wore an engagement ring. At first she proposed to him, not knowing that a few minutes later he would do it in front of everyone. It happened in November 2022. In the Instagram video below, the two capture the moments that make everyone fall in love on social networks.

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