‘The View’ features ‘Disrespectful’ Madonna in late concert

the ladies of The view They are intervening in the debate about Madonna.

Earlier this week, the 65-year-old pop icon was sued by two New York City men for starting one of his Celebration tour shows two hours late.

Following the news, the co-hosts got into a debate about the situation and called Madonna’s behavior “disrespectful.”

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“I personally wouldn’t wait two hours for a hot oil massage from George Clooney, let alone a concert from anyone,” Joy Behar said.

Sunny Hostin then chimed in saying that she is “not bothered” by Madonna’s tardiness.

“I don’t think she should be sued,” Sunny said. “This is built into Madonna. She is an icon. She’s always late. “When you go to a Madonna concert, you know you have to eat before, you have to get lit before and you’re going to wait about two hours and listen to a DJ.”

However, Sunny compared Madonna to other artists, noting, “John Legend is on time. J.Lo arrives on time. Beyoncé arrives on time.”

“I love Madonna, the best live show I have ever attended. “I actually don’t like this,” added Alyssa Farah Griffin, taking issue with the fact that a friend of hers had to leave a Madonna concert early because the end of her babysitting shift was getting too close to her.

“She watched 20 minutes of the set and had to leave,” Alyssa said. “It’s just disrespectful to an audience that loves you and spent a lot of money to be there.”

Sara Haines then shared her heated opinion on the situation.

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“Insert the name of anyone arriving two hours late. “It’s disrespectful,” Sara said. “You are literally annoying your fans who paid to come see you. You can be a diva. You shouldn’t act like a diva. For me, Madonna is not there.”

She continued: “Beyoncé? Always on time. Taylor Swift, Pink, that’s called respectful. That’s how you’re raised. You respect someone’s time the same way you expect them to respect yours. You appeared here. “They paid hundreds of dollars.”

In case you missed it, a former co-host of The view threatened to sue the program.

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