The Social Network & 9 Other Awesome Movies About Social Media And The Internet

Without a doubt, the Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of modern life. Social networks, in particular, have grown exponentially over the past few decades, changing the way people relate to each other in profound and powerful ways, and not always for the better. Given its powerful influence, it’s no surprise that the film tries to convey it.

like a movie Social network And others have demonstrated that, to put it mildly, the Internet and social media are both good news and bad news for the health of society.

Social Networking (2010)

Social network An embarrassment of fortunes in terms of the talent involved, it remains one of David Fincher’s best films.

In particular, the film is known for its profound dissection of the life and personality of Mark Zuckerburg, arguably one of the most influential figures of the 21st century. Moreover, it has a show of expression. strength of several of the main actors, with Jesse Eisenberg particularly memorable for his uncanny ability to replicate Zuckerberg’s style.

Hard Candy (2005)

Elliot Page's character rests his chin on a table next to a razor and a jar of shaving cream

One of the most disturbing aspects of the growth of the internet is sexual predation, that is hard candyone of the best movies of the 2000s.

Elliot Page plays a security guard seeking revenge against what she considers a sexual predator in a film that is still disturbing (and timely) even fifteen years later. It is also a powerful reminder of how dangerous the Internet can be when used by those who want to commit crimes.

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Circle (2017)

Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and Patton Oswalt at The Circle

circle is another film that focuses on the dangers posed by the internet and the dangers of living in an age of near-constant surveillance.

The film succeeds thanks to the performances of Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, as well as the ability to incorporate social commentary and personal drama into the heart of the plot. The fact that it’s happening now and not in the future makes its dark message more relevant and profound.

Haters (2020)

Close-up of Tomasz in The Haters

Although many of the best movies about the Internet are made in America, haters is a Polish work about a young man who begins to use his influence on the Internet as a means of revenge.

Considering how many bad actors are trying to use social media for shameful purposes, the film feels more worthwhile. What’s more, it has some great performances that put the audience in the mind of its troubled and deeply destructive protagonist.

Searching (2018)

David is looking at his phone while messages around him pop up in Search

Undoubtedly, this is the age of screens from which it is almost impossible to escape their presence in everyday life. In that case, movies and the like searching Try to recreate that experience on a movie screen.

The action all takes place on the ubiquitous small screen, and while it may just be a gimmick in other movies, this thriller ensures that it’s an important part of the franchise. plot and about the impact these screens have on everyday life.

Orthodox (2020)

Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke in Mainstream

While many of the best movies about the internet and social media are thrillers or mysteries, Trend It’s actually a comedy, and Andrew Garfield plays one of his best roles.

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In particular, the film targets the idea of ​​viral fame, a status that many, including the film’s protagonist, played by Maya Hawke, are obsessed with achieving. This is a film that skillfully combines elements of comedy and drama, and as such, it makes viewers worry about the future.

Unfriendly (2014)

Characters using video chat in Unfriended

There are a lot of really good horror movies, and Unfriend It deserves to be one of them.

More importantly, it introduces elements of the supernatural to show how destructive and corrosive social media can be on the lives of young people, whose whole way of seeing and experiencing the world often mediated through various social media feeds. In that sense, it manages to take a more crowded and older genre of horror and do something new with it.

Masquerade Festival (2020)

Kurt makes a peace gesture to the camera in Spree

Horror and comedy are two genres that really go well together in some surprising ways. They definitely fit the movie Carnivalfocuses on a young man who decides to achieve the fame he craves by killing his carpool passengers.

Its primary performance is excellent, but more than that, it shows how people crave attention, even if that necessarily leads them into the darker shadows of violence and murder.

Eighth Grade (2018)

Elsie Fisher in eighth grade with her laptop

Without a doubt, primary school is a very difficult time in every child’s life, made even more difficult by the advent and development of social networks.

The film is about a young girl’s efforts to gain the admiration and popularity of her peers by posting vlogs in the style of a motivational speaker. What really makes this film such an important form is the reliability of the performances, allowing viewers to appreciate the anxiety the influence of social media can have on young minds. .

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Ingrid West (2017)

Taylor and Ingrid make peace gesture as Ingrid heads west

The desire to be famous is one of the most common antics in internet movies, and it often makes people behave in ways they wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

This dynamic largely works ingrid to the west, in which a young woman tries to woo and imitate a social media influencer (played by Elizabeth Olsen in one of her best roles). Aubrey Plaza is undoubtedly one of the best features of the movie, with its great blend of dark comedy and drama.

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