The Simpsons’ House Has A Secret Room That’s In Only 5 Episodes

There are many iconic sites in the town of Springfield, among them the Simpsons home on Evergreen Terrace, which has a unique design. Most of the rooms in the house were shown multiple times, but one room was shown for only five episodes. Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons originally an animated short series The Tracey Ullman Program After airing three seasons in 1987, it evolved into a half-hour primetime show and officially premiered in 1989.

The Simpsons It has since been unstoppable, becoming the longest-running scripted television series to hit US primetime with 31 seasons (with a 32nd season already fixed) and branching out into other mediums. including movies, video games and comic books. The show follows the daily lives of the Simpsons and other colorful residents of Springfield, who have become part of pop culture, as well as their favorite places like Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Bar and (of course!) The House of the Simpsons.

Located on Evergreen Terrace, The Simpsons is a two-story home with a garage, basement, and all the usual rooms a home has. The family spends most of their time in the living room (the room with the TV, of course) and the kitchen, and while most fans can easily name all the rooms in The Simpsons without too much trouble , then they will probably choose one. Can’t remember because it only happened five times.

The Simpsons’ Row Room only appeared five times

The Simpsons Family Rec Room

The Simpsons have a playroom next to the kitchen. The hallway to the right is next to the refrigerator and leads to the mysterious room, where there is a small TV, a lazy chair and an armchair. This room appeared in “Three Men and a Comic Book” Season 2, “Bart Radio” Part 3, “Brothers From the Same Planet” Part 4, “Mrs. Bouvier” My Lover” Season 5 before skip to “A” Section 28 Father’s Watch”. This “secret room” is probably the most family-friendly place in the entire house as it has a TV, a chair, and anywhere on the floor to view various toys (most likely Maggie and Bart’s) .

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Given that the room only appears in these episodes (part of a brief scene in the second season episode of “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”), many fans were unaware of its existence and after seeing see the cut-out drawings of the house. helps the design and proportions of the house seem ever-changing. This and the extent to which the foyer is used is revealed in episode 25 of “White Christmas Blues” when Maggie says there’s a playroom next to the kitchen, but “Sometimes yes, sometimes not. My house is so weird‘. Why the foyer rarely happens The Simpsons Don’t know – maybe the writers forgot about this, or just let them do their best work while watching TV in the living room – but this mysterious room is part of the many quirks of the series.

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