The Richest ‘The Bachelor’ Stars, Ranked from Lowest to Highest Net Worth

Looking for love? What about love and A fortune?

The Bachelor Returns with season 28 this month, starring Joey Graziadei! The popular ABC reality series has entertained audiences since its debut in 2002 across an impressive 27 seasons and numerous spin-offs, including The golden bachelor.

Each season, one lucky bachelor gets to choose from a pool of romantic interests, gradually eliminating contestants until he finds the perfect match and proposes. But that’s not all: some singles have also made a fortune in their careers, increasing their net worth even more.

Curiosity about the richest Bachelor stars? Check out our list of the top-ranked stars, based on estimated net worth, and find out who came in first place!

Find out who the richest Bachelor stars are, ranked from lowest to highest estimated net worth…

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